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St. Patrick's Day Party Supplies & Decoration Ideas
Nice ideas for St. Patrick's Day. I especially like the shamrock pan! :) Pinning these St. Patrick's Day party supplies
Mira, 14 hours ago
Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeen's Costume & Makeup
I imagine some teenagers will like to use these costume ideas this Halloween. Pinning
Mira, 15 hours ago
Disney Tangled Rapunzel Bedroom Decor
Those bedding sheets are really nice :) Pinning some of these Rapunzel items
Mira, 15 hours ago
Disney Tangled Rapunzel Party Supplies & Favors
I liked the Rapunzel movie. I didn't know there was a sequel. Pinning some of these Tangled party supplies P.S. Note that the link to your first Amazon item doesn't work.
Mira, 15 hours ago
Recipe for Chocolate Ganache: Easy and Elegant Glazed Topping for Cakes and Everything Else
I love chocolate ganache, but never knew it was so easy to make. That looks really delicious, thanks for sharing the recipe.
VioletteRose, 15 hours ago
Herbs and Herbal Remedies for Type II Diabetes
Tulsi also helps fight cancer!
pateluday, 15 hours ago
Fall 2014 Fashion Trends: Fun Clothes and Clothing Accessories
I'm not a big fan of leopard skin myself but I really like vertical stripes. I once had a pair of short pants with blue and white vertical stripes. I think the ones on this page would go really well with a white T-shirt (preferably a white ...
Mira, 16 hours ago
My Growing Inspiration
Kids can be great as far as inspiration comes. They are great teachers too - ie if you really want to learn from them.
WriterArtist, 17 hours ago
Characterization: Setting is a character too
I agree setting is really required for a dramma on stage. Writers need to create the settings too. With the help of words, moods and imagination can be set to certain expectations the readers need in order to grasp the essence of an article or a ...
WriterArtist, 17 hours ago
Homophones -- Words That Sound the Same
I think the common ones that I struggle are "than and then", "there and their" and the list goes on..... English language is amazing, they could have done without creating these homophones. Sigh!!!!
WriterArtist, 17 hours ago
Best Halloween Costumes for Toddler Boys
@ Mira - I wish I was a kid too.
WriterArtist, 19 hours ago
A Naturalist - Writer - Blogger - Seo in India known as Uday Patel
Burntchestnut. You have wonderful nature in US, Come to India to see tigers in the wild.
pateluday, 19 hours ago
Forever Episode Review: "The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths"
I am fascinated by the mind of psychopaths and at the same time terrified too. I wonder if there a cure?
WriterArtist, 20 hours ago
Putting Your Dog on a Grain-Free Diet
I did not really think that dogs could also get diabetes, but of course they are like humans and we should take care of our pets.
WriterArtist, 20 hours ago
Recipe for Chocolate Ganache: Easy and Elegant Glazed Topping for Cakes and Everything Else
I came to know about ganache for the first time in the serial "Masterchef Australia" which I love very much. I make it a point not to miss this TV program. Your article makes this recipe look so simple. I am tempted to try it out.
WriterArtist, 20 hours ago

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