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Bergen - Lovliest City in Europe
Thank you for that comment, especially as I'd just put it up. In fact, I think I was adding another picture when you left your comment! Yes, I loved it, loved all of Norway in fact and can't wait to go back, this time I want to spend at least ...
Maritravel, 19 hours ago
Mushroom and Olive Pizza by Amy's Kitchen: Simplicity Made Great
I love mushrooms; and I love olives. Your recipe is heavenly. It's great to have such cooking information on Wizzley. Need I say more?
frankbeswick, 19 hours ago
Bergen - Lovliest City in Europe
Mari, it is great to hear from another lover of Bergen. I have visited twice and love it. I must say, though, that its reputation for rain is deserved. On our last visit Maureen and I reached the summit of a local mountain, then as we reached ...
frankbeswick, 19 hours ago
Help - My Guinea Pig Has An Abscess
Thank you, Emma! I was a bit reluctant to write about it here, because the images are graphic, but I wanted to encourage cavy owners not to panic if it happens to their pet. I searched frantically, online for advice when it happened to ours. We ...
Always-Writing, 19 hours ago
Zucchini Bread
I love homemade zucchini bread. It's been so long since I've had some. Now I want to try this recipe. Thank you for sharing.
dawnrae, 21 hours ago
Safety in British Mountains
Thanks Derdriu. I think that age matters in making decisions as to when to go and when to abandon. A year or two back I stumbled climbing Snowdon, and a gentleman helped me up. I did not need help, though I thanked him. But then I realized that ...
frankbeswick, 21 hours ago
Outlander Filming Locations in Scotland
There were some earlier comments about where the Black Kirk scene was filmed. I just read on another site it is the ruined West Kirk in Culross. After a quick Google Images search, I think that ...
Cherish, 21 hours ago
Book Review of Yoga for Grief Relief by Antonio Sausys
Derdriu, I appreciate your comments about Nitzan Mintz's beautiful collaborative Israeli street art which I selected as the thumbnail for this article. (I have written an article about her which I'm thinking of releasing here on Wizzley.) I also ...
EmmaSRose, 22 hours ago
Pesto Pizza with Organic Vegetables and Basil by Amy's Kitchen
Derdriu, It's my understanding that many queries about writing a cookbook have been directed toward Amy's Kitchen. In addition to a cookbook, I think that a book about the company's experiences, from fledgling to industry leader, would be super ...
EmmaSRose, 22 hours ago
Safety in British Mountains
Frank, This is sound advice, especially emphasizing the importance of knowing when to abandon a climb or hike and of staying on paths. As part of their training, special forces such as Navy Seals in US chalk up skill-refining experiences by ...
DerdriuMarriner, 22 hours ago
How to Make Maca Taste Good
Hey Katie good to hear you are feeling better.
teddletonmr, 22 hours ago
What Men Want in a Woman
What men want: 1: A pleasant character: a plain woman with a pleasant character is far preferable to a beautiful woman with an unpleasant one. 2: Someone who likes men and does not spend time saying how horrid men are. It's a turn off. 3: A ...
frankbeswick, 22 hours ago
Cool Gadgets for Geeks and Travelers This Christmas, Many of Them Bargains Under $20
Mira, These are wonderful selections which surely would make excellent gifts for geeky and traveling recipients. The digital luggage scale has a sleek design. Importantly, it looks to offer easy readability. Hello Kitty USB hub is quite ...
DerdriuMarriner, 22 hours ago
The Folklore, Legends and Paranormal Activity of Gilson Road Cemetery in Nashua, NH
Many people will say that there must be a rational explanation for phenomena like this, but often they confuse rationality with scientific materialism that seeks to explain all phenomena conventionally. This is an error. Rationality is a ...
frankbeswick, 22 hours ago
The Beautiful Lady at the Haunted Gardens of the El Greco House and Museum in Toledo Spain
Mira, It's fun to learn new tidbits, especially about rather familiar figures such as El Greco. His paintings are so distinctively styled. His legacy is great.
DerdriuMarriner, 22 hours ago

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