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How do the British Make Tea? Absolutely Not Like You Think We Do
Having grown up in one of the British colonies and married to a Briton I do know how to make a proper cup of tea, but my mother is Russian - so I prefer it that way - my kids on the other hand like it British.
aswriting, 1 day ago
Gaza - The Potential Singapore of the Middle East
A very timely article. Whatever happening in Gaza is so sad. No child in this world deserves to suffer like this, whatever the reason is. As you say, I just hope the war ends soon and there will be peace. The article and images show Gaza could ...
VioletteRose, 1 day ago
Gaza - The Potential Singapore of the Middle East
I sincerely hope so, Barbara. Thanks for leaving your comment.
Sheri_Oz, 1 day ago
Gaza - The Potential Singapore of the Middle East
I think you posted the link to this on FB a while back, but I just got around to reading it. Wonderful article. Someday may Gaza be all it can be!
Barbara_Tuttle, 1 day ago
Should You Feed Your Dog Commercial Food?
My dog is also getting on in years. I've turned to buying food that doesn't contain grain, and he's lost a lot of weight. A friend of mine feeds her dog only meat (livers, hearts, etc.). That's a little too expensive for me. I believe that ...
AbbyFitz, 1 day ago
How To Make an Authentic New Orleans Muffuletta
I've been to New Orleans, but somehow missed the muffuletta. Next time . . .
sheilamarie, 1 day ago
Seth Thomas Antique and Rare Mantle Clocks
My grandmother collected clocks. Sadly they are mostly all gone now.
sheilamarie, 1 day ago
Baby Booster Seats And High Chairs To Make Meal Times Easier
Thanks ologsinquito :) I too love the rainforest booster seat!
VioletteRose, 1 day ago
Enjoy Authentic Spanish Cheese
Clearly, shopping online for these gourmet specialty items is the way to go. I don't know where I'd find Spanish cheese in my area.
ologsinquito, 2 days ago
Texas Wild Cats and Black Panthers
The Scottish wildcat was once widespread across Britain, but was thought to have retreated to the Scottish Highlands and have become extinct in England and Wales. However, some feline sightings on Exmoor and Bodmin moor in South West Britain are ...
frankbeswick, 2 days ago
Men Who Love Womens Shoes
As usual Katie, I love your article, I only own 2 pairs of medium heel mules and as you know I love flats and women sandals. Women shoes' designers have more creativity and for example balet flats not only are really comfortable and practical ...
ivanlovesflats, 2 days ago
Texas Wild Cats and Black Panthers
Thanks Maritravel. But don't forget the Scottish Wildcat.
Ragtimelil, 2 days ago
Owston's Banded Palm Civets (Chrotogale owstoni): Ringtails of China, Laos, and Vietnam
These cute little animals certainly have a scenic range. The photos you chose are beautiful.
ologsinquito, 2 days ago
Texas Wild Cats and Black Panthers
Here in the UK we have no wild cats (apart from some 'wild' cats of the domestic breed) so I found your article fascinating both as a wildlife story and for showing me how the cats are roaming in Texas. I had no idea this was happening. Thanks ...
Maritravel, 2 days ago
Woodsman: a review
Perhaps the value of books such as "Woodsman" lies in the perpetuation of alternatives which may not dominate the immediate future but which manage to survive. Coppicing is as much a rewarding skill as pollarding, and it's inspirational that ...
DerdriuMarriner, 2 days ago

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