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Nixie Tube Clock: Amber Glow of Neon Gas Discharge Technology in Retro and Vintage Electronic Clocks
This is something I've never heard of.
burntchestnut, 1 day ago
The Survival of Horses in Pre-Columbian America
Excellent article. I'm always thrilled to find verification of the wild horse as native to North America! Now, in order to keep them running free and safe, we must find a way to get them ...
Robynne Catheron , 1 day ago
Thanks. The term redefinition did not cross my mind, but it is what I wanted to say. You base the redefinition on how you feel in yourself, adjusting your work to match your emotional state and energy levels. Redefinition is therefore part of ...
frankbeswick, 1 day ago
Dog Treats with Health Benefits
Greenies are popular but Lucy's previous own told me that they make Lucy sick. People need to check calories in dog treats too! Too many treats adds up to too many calories resulting in an overweight dog and health issues.
LindaSmith1, 1 day ago
Great article! I love the idea that we redefine our lives, not just stop working at "retirement." In fact, to stop working altogether seems unlikely to be fulfilling or even healthy. But devoting time to what matters most, which would include ...
jptanabe, 1 day ago
Pitlochry Hydroelectric dam and fish ladder
Fond memories of Pitlochrie, and it's fish ladder, a beautiful place!
jptanabe, 1 day ago
Corfe Castle
Thanks for the introduction to Corfe Castle - I'd love to visit it some day!
jptanabe, 1 day ago
Looking For Original Jarts? Lawn Darts Deaths Might Get In The Way
I am looking to surprise my husband with vintage lawn jarts/darts for his birthday in June. Does anyone have some for sale? They don't need to be in perfect condition. Thank ...
Jennifer , 2 days ago
Gotham Episode Review: “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”
This is a great show. I totally agree that the Cat girl and Bruce scene was odd. I almost forgot that they were actually part of this series.
dustytoes, 2 days ago
Folded Flower Card with Free Template
Your tutorials are fresh and clean. I love them.
paperfacets, 2 days ago
Folkmanis Puppets
What a lovely 70 years old gift the snowy owl, just perfect!
jptanabe, 2 days ago
It sounds as if you have a very good pre-retirement plan. You are so fortunate to be blessed with grandchildren.
ologsinquito, 2 days ago
Folkmanis Puppets
I've always loved Folkmanis puppets! Both of my boys (now grown) have had puppets of their own, and when my mother turned 70, I gave her the snowy owl hand puppet (since she's been an avid birder). The puppets are well-made and very visually ...
kajohu, 2 days ago
5 Best Adsense Alternatives
Hello all, I want introduce this ad network: Adtomatik. I highly recommend it because I’m using it for the last three months and got very good results, highest fill rates and better ecpm than ...
Roxana Sofia, 2 days ago
Holocaust Memorial Day Interview with Rainer Höss, Grandson of Rudolf Architect of Auschwitz
Grats on the editors choice!!! Really excited to read this article :)
Ember, 2 days ago

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