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Review of Bush's Best Honey Baked Beans
I actually don't buy this brand all that often because I can usually find store brands that are just as good for less money. But, this is one I'm not sure I can find in the bargain section.
StevenHelmer, 1 day ago
George Stinney Jr: The Tragic Case of a Child Executed in the USA
Beyond tragic and sad for sure BUT if you people think this only happens in America and to black kids and only to black men, you're beyond naive. Do any of you have ANY idea what kind of ...
JustMe, 1 day ago
Review of Bush's Best Honey Baked Beans
I've tried many of the beans varieties from Bush. They have a delicious flavor at a very good price.
CountrySunshine, 1 day ago
How to Potty Train Your Cat on the Toilet - Cat Toilet Training Tutorial
These directions and pictures are very helpful. I've wanted to try this but felt intimidated by the process. This breaks it down so it seems managable. I hate to be "that guy," but my pet peeve ...
Mia T, 1 day ago
Vegan Thanksgiving Foods: Centerpieces, Gravies, Snacks And More
Thank you, Violette!
Mira, 1 day ago
Super Easy and Quick Mediterranean Shrimp Stew
Hi Frank, I know of people who have allergies to various seafood, but I've never heard of an allergy to shrimp myself. But apparently people can have allergies to all kinds of fish. Still, I think it may have just as well been the curry.
Mira, 2 days ago
Vegan Thanksgiving Foods: Centerpieces, Gravies, Snacks And More
Hi Mira, thanks for reading. Marshmallow products sometimes contain eggs and gelatin made from animals, so what I have displayed here is a vegan replacement made using soy and other ingredients. It should be great as a topping for pies and other ...
VioletteRose, 2 days ago
Vegan Thanksgiving Foods: Centerpieces, Gravies, Snacks And More
Hi Derdriu, thanks for reading. I am glad you liked the vegan selections!
VioletteRose, 2 days ago
Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Cookie Ideas
What cool ideas! I love it!
CherylFay, 2 days ago
Super Easy and Quick Mediterranean Shrimp Stew
Here is a question that I need answering. My son has a sensitive digestion and recently suffered after having a shrimp curry in Malaysia, where he works. We are uncertain whether it was due to an impurity in the shellfish or whether he could ...
frankbeswick, 2 days ago
Are Your Tampons Making You Sick?
Thanks so much. I am going to pin some of your articles today as well.
ologsinquito, 2 days ago
Christmas Tree Traditions – How Did it Start?
I just can't imagine a Christmas without a decorated tree - I love this tradition as it spells the start of a joyful and long period of time spent with family and friends. I just hate having to take it back down again.
kinworm, 2 days ago
Fused Perler Bead Birthday Party Favors
Thank you, I don't make a lot of jewelry but I certainly know the appeal with all the fascinating colors of beads and gems that can be strung together.
kinworm, 2 days ago
Maternity Bathing Suit
Thanks for pinning. Maternity bathing suits have been around for a long time. I think expectant mothers were discouraged from wearing them in the past.
LindaSmith1, 2 days ago
Tools Every Home Should Have
I keep my bulbs in a deep kitchen drawer that I don't use for anything else. I have different bulbs, it seems, for everything. My lamps are one type. Light bulbs are even different for each of my ceiling fans. Overhead lights are different ...
LindaSmith1, 2 days ago

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