Best Light For Seasonal Depression

by ryank

Suffer from seasonal depression? Many sufferers are raving about light therapy as a solution and the technology is getting a lot cheaper!

Tens of millions of Americans, and tens of millions of Europeans, suffer from seasonal depression. Those who suffer from winter depression, as opposed to summer depression, could well help to minimize the debilitating effects of their winter blues by investing in a mood changing light!

Light Theraphy For Depression

If you aren't spending much time outside in the winter then you are relying on synthetic indoor light for photons, and this can seriously effect your mood! It is the reason why so many people get depressed and moody in the winter months, before cheering up and having a great summer, it's also the reason why countries which get hardly any daylight in the winter have a much higher suicide rate. Some areas of the world get just 4 hours of daylight in winter months! Light therapy can also be used to treat jet lag and sleep disorders (when people mess up their biological clock). It typically involves simply sitting in front of a high-intensity fluorescent lamp for between 30 minutes and 2 hours each morning. Most people who suffer from the winter blues (orSeasonal Affective Disorder if you want to get formal) report at least a slight improvement in their moods after undertaking the therapy for just a few days!

Where To Get Light Therapy For Seasonal Depression

You don't need to find a qualified therapist for light therapy! You could of course, but what's the point when it is so simple and involves only sitting in front of a special light for half an hour each morning? For the price of one trip to a therapist you can buy a good quality light therapy device such as the three shown below When they first emerged on the market you would have been very lucky to buy one for less than three figures but a great product can be had for well under $100 now. Perhaps the best place to buy a depression light is on Amazon, because it has the widest range to choose from, and the best time to buy one is any time other than winter. If you are reading this page in spring or summer then now is perfect, this is the time of the year when therapy lights are at their cheapest!

NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp

One of the best selling and top rated depression lights on the market is this one, the NatureBright SunTouch, which has had more than 400 customer reviews and achieved a fantastic average customer rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. This light features:

  • 10000-lux light therapy and negative ion therapy
  • Can alleviate the nagging systems of SAD
  • Ion therapy provides automatic antidepressant effect

Head over to Amazon via the link below to find out more, read those excellent customer reviews, and to buy!

NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp

Advanced reflectors High Density Negative Ionization Effective bandwidth: 60% Clinically demonstrated. EMF protected UL, CUL, CE Safety listed No harmful UV. 30 day money back ...

$139.99  $62.00
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cazort on 02/04/2015

When I lived in Cleveland and the winters were even cloudier and darker than anywhere else I had lived, I experimented with full-spectrum, daylight fluorescent bulbs. I found that not only do they make me feel better, but they also are great grow bulbs for plants!

Recently, I saw a number of LED bulbs offering a similar light quality, that have come down a lot in price. You might want to look into these, possibly adding them on your page. I've had very good luck with Cree and Philips brand LED's, and they both make daylight bulbs. They are extremely efficient, are instant-on, not requiring any warm-up. The efficiency might be an added bonus for people who are wanting really intense bright lights, because the power usage can add up.

ryank on 10/09/2012

Sound great cheryl!

cherylone on 10/08/2012

Thanks for sharing this one, I think I will attach it to one of my articles.

Mladen on 03/26/2012

I think we all suffer from winter, clouds, snow and grey-white colors of this season. I suffer from winter blues trough January to March. I was so happy when I saw sun and higher temperatures on weather prognosis. I know it has a lot to do with light. Indoor light we use is 600-lux light, and during sunny day we receive 100.000 lux of light. When there is no sun out there, this light therapy with artificial light sources does miracles!

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