Best Safest, Cooking Ever! Stainless Steel Electric Skillet or Pan. Without Teflon! Non Teflon

by Tess

How to buy the best electric frying skillet pan you've ever owned No health issues. No Teflon. Best Cooked Food EVER.

Like everybody else, I need my kitchen to be the least of my worries. I need a quick and easy option so that I can come home, take three minutes in the kitchen, and enjoy the rest of the night without worrying about food preparation, cooking, and nutritious food. So, for everything to be optimal, it's best kitchen cooking utility to have is an item that is multi-functional. For me, that means healthy, and quick and easy to clean. One of the things that is really important is that there is NO TEFLON in my kitchen. It is extremely dangerous. Remember, TEFLON is dangerous. Don't cook with it!

I bought the Precise Heat Electric Skillet but there are many different types, and quite difficult to find.

My Prize Possession in the Kitchen!

Quick, easy cooking

There is one product in my kitchen that I am never without, and that is a stainless steel electric skillet. It roasts a chicken beautifully, grills a sizzling steak, stews a hodge podge of veggies and meat to perfection, fries eggs, boils potatoes, and has even been known to bake bread. As I said, I own the Precise Heat Electric Skillet.

Find it Only on the Web
Unhappily, while Teflon coated electrical skillets are available at most stores that sell cookware, the only place that I have been able to find a pure stainless steel one is online. Because Teflon is incredible dangerous to health if imbibed, and because it comes off at very high temperatures, it’s probably best not to cook in any cooking appliance that uses Teflon. While non-stick might initially seem easy to clean, the long term poisoning of the body is not worth the cost.

Different Sizes
Stainless steel electrical skillets come in several sizes, generally with a bottom that contains the electrical equipment, a stainless steel dome that can also be used as a cooking pan on the stove, and a glass lid. Price ranges from about $70 through to $150.

Stainless Steel Electric Skillet is Heathiest Purchase You'll ever make!

Healthy cookware without Teflon

So, next time you’re looking to manage your cooking life in a new way, consider a stainless steel (without the Teflon coating) electric skillet. It will change your life!

Cooking with stainless steel without Teflon is the healthiest cooking method of all. All the other metals and materials leech into your food.

Cleaning and Energy Saving

Easy to Clean Skillet

The stainless steel electric roasting pan might be considered a perfect example of doing more with less. It is easy to clean, saves on the electricity bill, and incredibly convenient as one does not have to watch it to the degree that one would watch food cooking on a stove. There is just less likelihood that food burns in it. That’s possibly because cooking temperatures can be kept low, and the food still cooks perfectly.

You'll never believe how easy it is to clean, and it doesn't have any Teflon. It also doesn't burn things very often.

So you can have that perfect cup of coffee in the morning when you don't have to worry about washing up the dishes from the night before!

Could your saucepans bring on the menopause? Chemicals found around the home linked to health proble
A major study has shown that women with the highest levels of the substances in their bodies go through the change sooner than women with low levels.

Square Stainless Steel Electric Frying Pan
Square Stainless Steel Electric Fryin...
Precise Heat 16-Inch Rectangular Surgical Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

*****"First, picked this one because it is stainless steel AND heavy duty, as both my friend and I are resolute on not using anything covered with chemicals or nonstick stuff because regardless of how well you take care of them, they wear down..."

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Cooks Quickly and Saves On the Energy Bill

Cooking times in these electrical skillets are far shorter than cooking in a gas oven. Food is also far more tasty, although I’m not quite sure why. There is also quite a substantial saving on the gas bill when using an electrical skillet, while the cost of the electricity used by the electrical skillet is minimal.

For busy singles, or single parents, rather than dash out to buy some convenience food, or eat at the MacJunk Café on the corner, popping a chicken, a few potatoes, some broccoli, and a handful of spices all into the one container will ensure a superb meal within forty five to fifty minutes (depending on quantity and size). Nothing more needs to be done. There’s also only one pot to clean – and it’s easy cleaning!

Cuisine Art Stainless Steel Skillet
Cuisine Art Stainless Steel Skillet

This is an excellent stainless steel frying pan

This excellent Cuisinart Electrtic Skillet Stainless Steel is available from Wayfair. Although the site is not as well known as Amazon, this stainless steel frying pan manages to garner just on five stars. That said, essentially, so long as your electric frying pan is made of stainless steel, doesn't have teflon, has a glass top, and is the right size, it will be healthy, fast cooking, and save you a lot of energy bills.


Available only on the web

Increasingly, there are some beautiful stainless steel roasting pans out there. I recently bought one with a copper bottom and a chrome like shine inside. It not only looks like a dream, it cooks like a dream. It was marked down substantially to about $100. After I cooked with it, I understood why it had initially been so expensive. The only reason I could think for the mark down is that most people still don't understand the magic of these beautiful, small, and highly functioning items for their kitchens.

18/10 Stainless Steel is the best option. Also, the higher the chrome content, the shinier the pot. Enjoy.

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Tess on 01/02/2013

That's absolutely right teddletonmr. I think the one down side of my frying pan is that I have to put oil or butter in to do eggs. I've just recently bought a small ceramic frying pan to fix that issue. I wrote about it under pots and pans (another article). It fries eggs beautifully as well as make a superb omelette. I do, however, find that my electric frying pan makes a beautiful quiche if I just put banking paper underneath! :)

teddletonmr on 01/02/2013

Around our house, we enjoy using our electric fry pan several times a week. Stainless is easy to keep clean, and works great wen cooking acidic foods, fresh and canned tomatoes..
We have discoverd using an electric fry pan and stock pot, cuts down on how fast our electric meter spins, which the kids believe saves on the power bill...

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