Best student planner 2015

by spirituality

As a student in high school or college you need a good planner. These date books were selected to follow the academic year.

Stay organized, keep track of appointments, homework assignments as well as concerts, dates and your friend's birthdays.

Keeping your assignments, contact information for friends, team mates and project partners, taking a quick note - a student planner really is essential for surviving High School and College.

What's more - of course you need a planner that follows the academic year: starting August or september and lasting through to Juli in the following year. 

In previous years there were few cute or cool date books to be found, but that is starting to change. I've found you a few student planners that you won't be afraid to pull out of your bag.

The Skulls Design Mead Doodle Planner is one funky date book that is meant for boys and young men. Looking cool, it's yet also practical. It has weekly AND monthly pages, room for your class schedule, helps you keep track of your grades and has information on the US: states and capitals, conversions for weights and measurements and a list of commonly misspelled words. 

Aimed at High School students I think.

The Day Runner Madrid Recycled Weekly/Monthly Planner is clearly meant for girls. The design is in black and white, but with a lovely classic floral pattern. This date book has a very basic interior, but it's enough: weekly and monthly pages, room for notes and addresses. 

The U Chic: The College Planner in pink is clearly aimed at female college students. This is a best seller. It includes weekly and monthly pages, but also action plans to help you stay focus, check lists for shopping and studying and even college advice from successful grads. 

The Aspire Student Agenda Day Planner is aimed at Middle School students. The weekly pages are illustrated with information on all kinds of fun topics and pictures. The Aspire, Achieve and Advance Action series of student planners is aimed at students of all ages of either gender. Aspire is clearly meant for the youngest students, grade 6, while Achieve and Advance are aimed at older Middle and High School students. 

Aside from age appropriate information and design, these planners are made to last the year even when mishandled the way only teenagers can mishandle their stuff. 

The TH1NK (think) Student Planner, is also aimed at high school - this time at Christian students of both sexes. This year it has a grunge look. That won't stop it from giving room forkeeping your schedule, inspiring your faith and helping you become the best you can be. 

This planner lasts from August through May, so the summer months of June and July are not covered. I guess they feel you stop planning in summer? For that reason I would NOT recommend this date book. 

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Having a way to keep our busy lives on track has become almost a necessity for people today. Having a weekly planner to keep all of our appointments, important dates like birthdays and anniversaries and other activities in one place to reference at a glance is extremely helpful.

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Guest on 07/01/2011

I started using these need little planners when I was in college. I even use them today. I have several that I use for different ventures that I have: Zazzle, Wizzley, Squidoo etc. Then I have one that I use for my regular activities. I really like these handy planners they go everywhere and easily fit into my purse.

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