Bob Marley's Sons: Who Are The Sons Of Bob Marley?

by ryank

An introduction to Ziggy, Damian, Ky-Mani, Stephen, Julian, Rohan, and Robbie Marley!

Bob Marley was one of the most important musicians of the 20th Century, and his music is enjoyed as much now as it was during his lifetime. Marley left a great legacy, but it was not just his music which we society is still able to enjoy. Marley acknowledged that he fathered a total of 11 children, almost all of whom have inherited a great deal of his musical talent; although there have been several others claim that Bob Marley is their father and he also adopted the two children born to his wife Rita in her previous relationship. This page takes a brief look at the seven sons of Bob Marley and their musical achievements.

1. Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley, born 1968, is the oldest son of Bob Marley and himself a successful reggae artist. His first solo album 'Dragonfly' was released in 2003 to critical acclaim. It was however his second solo album in 2007, entitled 'Love Is My Religion', which won him his first solo Grammy. His 2009 album 'Family Time' was written for children also won a Grammy. Ziggy Marley is also involved in numerous charitable activities, including extensive work with the United Nations and as an official supporter of 'Little Kids Rock', an American charity which provides free instruments to impoverished American children.

Ziggy Marley
Ziggy Marley

2. Damian Marley

Damian Marley, born 1978, is the youngest son of Bob Marley and is a reggae artist and humanitarian; he has won three Grammy awards. Damian was just two years old when Bob Marley died, and is the only child born to Marley and Cindy Breakspeare, winner of the 1976 Miss World competition. Unlike his brothers Damian uses a vocal style known as 'toasting' which is evolved from an early predecessor to rap. His second album 'Halfway Tree' won a Grammy in 2002 following its release in 2001. His third album 'Welcome To Jamrock'had a much more political feel and centred around deprivation and politics in Jamaica, the album won him a further two Grammy's, become the only reggae artist ever to win two Grammy awards in one night. Marley is a Rastafarian, something which is well reflected in his music.

Damian Marley
Damian Marley

3. Ky-Mani Marley

Ky-Mani Marley, born 1976, is the son of Bob Marley and world table tennis champion Anita Belnavis. Ky-Mani moved to Miami at the age of 9 and released his first album 'Like Father Like Son' in 1996, the album was a collection of covers of his fathers songs. His follow up album'The Journey' from 1999 was released to widespread critical acclaim and achieved decent sales. His third release 'Many More Roads' in 2001 was nominated for a Grammy Award but he lost out to half brother Damian with his winning album 'Halfway Tree'. He worked as an actor for a while before releasing his fourth studio album 'Radio' in 2007, which was heavily influenced by Hip Hop.

Ky-Mani Marley
Ky-Mani Marley

4. Stephen Marley

Stephen Marley, born 1972 in Delaware, is the son of Bob and his wife Rita Marley. Stephen Marley has won 5 Grammy Awards, more than any of his siblings, although this is because he works as an artist, producer and a member of Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers. Stephen Marley has also produced most of the tracks on his brother Damian Marley's three solo albums, and appeared on four of the tracks on Damian's acclaimed album 'Welcome To Jamrock'. He has also produced music for his other brother Julian Marley. Stephen now lives in Miami with his large family and owns a large recording studio, which he uses for his extensive production activities.

Stephen Marley
Stephen Marley

5. Julian Marley

Julian Marley, born 1975 in London, is the son of Bob and Barbados born mother Lucy Pounder. His childhood was spent between London and Jamaica, and got involved at a young age in the Ghetto Youth Movement with his brothers Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley. He released his first solo album 'Lion In The Morning' in 1996 and subsequently travelled the world on tour, before then touring with his brother Damian Marley in 1997. It was a while before he released his second album 'A Time And Place' in 2003, and he released his third and latest album 'Awake' in 2009.

Julian Marley
Julian Marley

6. Rohan Marley

Rohan Marley, born 1972, did not pursue a musical career like his brothers. Instead he followed his talent for football and played for the University of Miami football team, before going on to play professionally for the Canadian team Ottawa Rough Riders. Rohan Marley has five children with the musician Lauryn Hill and is the co-founder of the successful Tuff Gong clothing line, whilst he also co-founded an organic and sustainable coffee plantation and farming business in Jamaica called Marley Coffee.

Rohan Marley
Rohan Marley

7. Robert 'Robbie' Marley

Robert 'Robbie' Marley was one of three children to be fathered by Bob Marley to be born in 1972, each to different women. Very little is publicised about Robbie Marley, who has remained firmly out of the limelight. Since I cannot find any information at all about Robbie Marley, this is how it will remain, unless anybody can help me out! UPDATE: I found out a lot of stuff about Robbie Marley, read it here. 

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An article about Bob Marley's son Robbie Marley, a hard man to pin down!
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