Bratzillas Dolls

by samsara

Wicked new Bratzillas dolls and their matching Bratzillas Pets! Glam just got wicked as these cuties entered the doll scene.

Bratzillas dolls are the new freaky fabulous dolls on the market! These cute witches are here to win the hearts of children and adults alike (without casting a spell).

Each of the dolls has her unique style and pet (which you can get separately) and special powers. They are fully poseable and their dresses can be changed which allows for fashion play.

Bratzillas Cloetta Spelletta Doll

Cloetta Spelleta is split in two, and her power is to show you the other side of you. 

She is split in half from head to toes, you will notice her hair is split in two, she has two different glass eyes, two different lipsticks, outfit and boots are also different. The only thing not split in two is her skin and fashionable body chain.

By getting this doll you will be getting the stand, the doll with full outfit and a brush!


Cloetta Spelleta's Pet

Sold separately you can also get the cute Barkthalameow pet, a fun dog and cat mix which makes a perfect pet companion for Cloetta.

Buy Cloetta Spelletta Dol

Bratz Bratzillaz Doll - Cloetta Spelletta
$19.99  $7.99
Bratz Bratzillaz Pet - Barkthalameow Cloetta Spelletta

BarkthalameowTM is the pet of Cloetta SpellettaTM. The BratzillazTM's trusty sidekick pets help the girls work their magic! With their own special powers and features, the Bratz...

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Bratzillas Maygana Bromstix Doll

Maygana's special power is the power of flying.

 She will stun you with her gorgeous red curly hair and blue glass eyes.

The doll is fully poseable and her clothes can be removed which allows fashion play (and getting much more wicked clothes as they come out).

This doll comes with a stand, outfit, brush, special goggles, and broom shaped purse.

If you are buying Maygana for you child you should note that this dolls hair are a bit more "fragile" compared to other Bratzillas dolls.

Maygana's Pet

You can also get her matching pet companion Wingzy that is sold separately.

Buy Maygana Bratzilla Doll

Bratz Bratzillaz Doll - Maygana Broomstix
$19.99  $9.99

Bratzillas Jade J'Adore Doll

There is no other way to put it than you will simply adore this doll! Jade has a special power to heal broken hearts (and who does not need that here and there).

She has gorgeous red heart eyes which are covered by a thin stripe of lace making this doll look even cutter.

You will be getting a stand, a doll with complete outfit (with a cute little heart shaped purse) and a hair brush.


Jade J'Adores Pet

As there are many broken hearts to be healed across the globe you will sure need Kissifuss, Jade's loyal heart shaped pet which will help her out (with cool sounds and light effects)

Buy Jade J'Adore Doll

Bratz Bratzillaz Doll - Jade J' Adore
$19.99  $9.00

Bratzillas Yasmina Clairvoya Doll

Seeing into the future is her special skill.

This doll features the most amazing hair design of them all. Her hair is lavender and it has many long braids. Top it with a lavender hat and you have a hairstyle that turns heads.

She is also the only doll that comes with pants instead of the skirt.

You will be getting the stand, full outfit, cool looking monocle to help see into the future and a hair brush.


Yasmina Clairvoya Pet

Winkers is her trusty companion.

Buy Yasmina Clairvoya Doll

Bratz Bratzillaz Doll - Yasmina Clairvoya
$19.99  $8.99
Bratz Bratzillaz Pet - Winkers Yasmina Clairvoya

WinkersTM is the pet of Yasmina ClairvoyaTM. The BratzillazTM's trusty sidekick pets help the girls work their magic! With their own special powers and features, the BratzillazT...

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Bratzillas Sashabella Paws Doll

Sashabella Paws is a Bratzilla that can talk to animals (didn't we all want that when we were little). 

She has very sharp lizard green eyes that are sure to stand out.

You will be getting a stand, doll with the full outfit, hair brush...


Sashabella Paws Pet Companion

Fluffinscruff is Sashabellas loyal companion, you can get it separately.


Buy Sashabella Paws Doll

Bratz Bratzillaz Doll - Sashabella Paws
$19.99  $12.99
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