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by ryank

Lost some scrabble tiles? Or perhaps the letters have worn? Grab yourself a new set!

If you are looking for replacement tiles for your Scrabble set because you have lost or damaged some and think that it would be cheaper than buying a new board then sorry, you are out of luck. The cost of replacement tiles actually exceeds the amount that you would pay for the standard version of everybody's favourite word game. If you have some sort of special luxury or bespoke board, or perhaps a limited edition version of Scrabble, then it may be worth your while investing in some of the high quality special Scrabble tiles available on the market. I have had a look at some on this page.

Buy Scrabble Tiles

If you have a an antique Scrabble set, or a high end luxury board, or maybe even just a sentimental limited edition version of the game, then you may wish to replace your scrabble tiles with any of the options provided to the right. As you can see however, for those who are happy using a standard board, buying a whole new set would probably reflect much greater value for money.

Scrabble Tiles
Scrabble Tiles

Scrabble enthusiasts may however be interested in customising their set up with some flashy unique tile designs, such as the funky lime green tiles featured or perhaps by investing in the high quality wooden tiles with silver letting featured at the top. The two sets of tiles featured at the bottom of the capsule are special 'Low Vision' tile sets, for those with visual impairment (or perhaps those who just don't want to wear their glasses whilst playing!). If you have no problem whatsoever in playing with the standard beige plastic Scrabble lettering, then buying a new version the low cost standard game is probably the best choice. Alternatively more exclusive sets, such as the fantastic Scrabble Diamond Anniversary Edition or Deluxe Turntable Scrabble, come complete with high quality unique tile sets anyway!

Interesting Scrabble Facts

  • Scrabble is 64 years old!
  • The game is sold in 121 countries worldwide
  • More than 150 million Scrabble sets have been sold
  • Scrabble is produced in 29 different languages
  • 53% of homes in the UK own a Scrabble set!
  • There are at least 4000 active Scrabble clubs in the world
  • In the UK a resident was thrown out of a retirement home for refusing to play Scrabble
  • The record Scrabble score ever recorded is 1049 
  • If every Scrabble tile ever made was placed side by side they could reach around the planet eight times!
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