Child and Toddler Safety Harness


It is easy to keep a small child or toddler close by you when you are walking, traveling, or site-seeing.

One of my favorite methods of keeping a toddler by your side when going out, is to use a safety harness with a leash, but also has a stuffed animal backpack for holding essentials.

Children are special "Cargo". When we take a small child for a ride in a car, we put them a carseat and buckle them in. When a parent and child go for a stroller ride, they are buckled in

A Parent's #1 priority is their child's safety

Keep track of an active toddler or small child with a Plush Animal Backpack & Harness

When a parent goes to the grocery store with a child, they buckle them in a shopping cart.  As a parent, you wouldn't dream on placing a toddler on swing without using the safety harness or holding them tight. The same goes for placing a small child (or yourself) on an amusement park ride, you always "buckle up" because of the danger of falling off!

Parents often hold a child's hand to keep them close and away from danger.

When you are on an outdoor adventure or vacation, toddlers are easily distracted and can leave your side in an instant. Toddlers and small children simply love to explore their surroundings, but that is not always safe. You need to keep an eye on your child at all times. It is every parent's nightmare if they do wander off. If this has ever happened to you, it will leave you panicked.

Photo: Sesame Street: Elmo Plush Harness

Playful Pal Backpack Harness

For Children 24-40 Pounds
Jeep Playful Pal Backpack Harness with Removable Plush Dog
HIS Juveniles
Only $14.99

Toddlers love to Explore their Surroundings

Parents worry about their child wandering off!

There are many places you might go with toddlers or small children that can cause them to wander off. Here are a few places we take our children and worry about keeping them close:

  • A vacation
  • Any crowed area
  • A shopping mall
  • An amusement park or fair
  • Any time you are near a busy street
  • A trip to the museum
  • Traveling or site-seeing of any kind
  • When you take a sibling to school
  • Any time you are out & have multiple toddlers or small children with you

This list could go on and on, but parents feel insecure not having the child close to them in many places, and it is simply not safe for a child,

Use a harness or leash designed just for your small child or toddler. Your child will have the harness attached to them and you control the leash, plus, it has plush animal that is a "Backpack Buddy! This will give you peace of mind and it will help keep your child from wandering off alone.

Toddlers love this Animal Backpack Harness & Leash

Parents love it for keeping children safe!

There is an fun and easy way to keep a small child or toddler close to you when you are walking, traveling, or site-seeing. A safety harness with a "leash" with  a stuffed animal buddy that is small backpack.

Your child will have a new "Best friend" using the Animal Backpack Harness & Leash and you have peace of mind. There are many animal friends to choose from, one your small child or toddler will adore.

"Lion" Animal Backpack Harness & Leash
This can be your toddler's favorite backpack and a parent's best buddy for keeping the toddler safe. This "plush" lion is a small backpack, but has a safety harness and leash attached. The lease has an optional wrist strap for added security. Made by Jeep.

2-in-1 Harness Buddy

By Gold Bug

The Animal Harness Buddies can be kept in a car or diaper bag. They are lighter in weight then a stroller and easier to carry. Consider keeping an Animal Buddy at the Grandparent's home or your daycare.

Monkey 2-in-1 Harness Buddy

Keep that little monkey close to you and your child will have more fun being in a harness. This buddy's tether is approximately 4 feet long. The small backpack has zippered pouch to keep small toys in.

To keep clean, the Harness Buddy can be machine washed!

Sheep Animal Backpack Harness & Leash

Made by Jeep

There are different plush animals types to choose from. One your toddler will love!

Sheep Animal Backpack Harness & Leash

Lead your little sheep by using this plush sheep backpack and harness! This is created by Jeep and fun for little ones to use.

The straps are comfortable and adjustable keeping them from irritating your small child.



2-in-1 Harness Buddies for Toddlers

Designer Animal Buddy!
Eddie Bauer Animal Harness Buddy - Ta...
Eddie Bauer
Only $39.99
Carter's Child of Mine 2 in 1 Harness...
Only $35.99
Eddie Bauer Animal Harness Buddy - Pi...
Eddie Bauer
Only $29.57
Eddie Bauer Animal Harness Buddy - Owl
Only $13.19
Eddie Bauer® 2 in 1 Harness Buddy - G...
Eddie Bauer
Only $16.92
Eddie Bauer Harness Buddy - Tan
Eddie Bauer 2-in-1 Harness Buddy - Do...
Only $24.00

SpongeBob Backpack and Harness

It's an "Under the Sea" adventure!

Your toddler will love having SpongeBob a long for a ride!

Nickelodeon SpongeBob Squarepants "Tether Buddy" Backpack & Harness

This SpongeBob Squarepants Buddy is both a backpack and a tether harness. It can extend to 45 inches in length. The chest and wrist straps are adjustable and removable.


Kid's Keeper Harness

Cute little ladybug design

 This ladybug design is great for a Summer walk! If your child is a active and loves adventure when out, you can keep them closer to you and still let them "Explore" when you use the Kid's Keeper from Comfy Baby.

Kid's Keeper Harness - Ladybug

This child's harness has adjustable shoulder straps and a zippered storage compartment for small toys or items. The leash is detachable, transforming the harness into the little ladybug backpack. Made from 100% cotton.


Child Safety Tip - Getting Lost Video

Child's Safety Websites

Please, take a look over these websites for missing children and child safety tips! 

Missing and Exploited Children

This website has pictures of missing children, information what to do if your child is missing,  and many safety tips for parents and caregivers.

Babysitter's Guide and Safety Tips

Children's Safety Zone. This is a direct link to the Babysitter's guide you can print off for a sitter or yourself.


My son could RUN!

He was fast!

When my son was a toddler, he came to live with his "Forever Family"! We are adoptive parents and it he was 2 and half when he finally came home! He was already his "Own person" and he ran fast! I just knew he would become a long-distance runner. I could barely keep up with him once he was out in public.

My son was fast inside the house too, but he was confined and a bit easier to catch. He didn't seem to understand that when I said "don't run" - that meant him. I guess he thought that I was talking to his invisible sibling. I wish that the Animal backpack harness and leash were available then!


Photo: Pixaby.

Kid's Animal Backpacks

Skip Hop and Cute Backpacks

Animal Backpacks and Lunch Bags
Back to school animal backpacks, lunch bags, and tote bags.

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jan111 on 04/26/2013

Great idea - and the designs you feature look both cute and safe.

celeBritys4africA on 07/08/2011

Your article is very useful. I am glad I read it.

CWAHM on 07/06/2011

I had the same feeling about limiting children's ability to "move freely" too Pukelo. There were times I really could have used a harness for my son :) Vacations were always so difficult and going to our local State Fair...left me in a panick--sometimes.

RhondaAlbom on 07/06/2011

I have to admit (even though I really don't like the concept), you presented this really well. Your opening paragraph certainly had me re-thinking my opinions. Plus, these are cute and even fun for the wearer. I wonder how I would feel about them if my children were still small.

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