Realistic Sasquatch Costumes for Adults

by JoHarrington

OMG! Is that Bigfoot? No. It's just you in your new, hair-raising Sasquatch outfit. Perfect for trick or treating, parties and scaring tourists in the woods.

All over the world there have been sightings of this hairy giant. From the Abominable Snowman, through the tiny Littlefoot, to the most famous Sasquatch of all - the Bigfoot of North American lore.

Now you can join their ranks, growling and howling your way through the Halloween festivities.

Just be very careful wearing it out in the forests. It will be hilarious to spook the Sasquatch hunters, right up to the moment when a real Bigfoot comes and takes you for its mate.

California Costumes Men's Big Foot

The most realistic and popular Sasquatch outfit out there!
California Costumes Men's Big Foot

Bigfoot Bodysuit Costume for Men

Though I see no reason why tall women can't wear it too. It simply hasn't got pendulous breasts, like the Bigfoot sighting in Bluff Creek!

This Bigfoot costume is the most popular Sasquatch outfit on Amazon.  It's not difficult to see why.

While other companies make do with sticking a new label on an obvious gorilla suit, this is the real McCoy.  Based on actual eye-witness accounts, California Costumes have created a bodysuit and mask, which really does transform you into the big, hairy giant itself.

It is a little pricey (though currently on sale), but that reflects the quality.  This isn't a costume for a single event. It's something to keep in your wardrobe and bring out each time an occasion calls for it.

You know, like frightening small children away from your yard.

Made from 100% polyester, the Men's Big Foot costume comes in four parts.  The main section is a jumpsuit, fastened at the back with ties (you might want to swap that for velcro for convenience). The mask, gloves and shoes are separate.

These secretive humanoid creatures have been seen all over North America. You will need to be prepared, if you want your own sighting.

Brown Sasquatch Adult Costume

Brown Sasquatch Adult Costume

Brown Sasquatch Outfit for Adults 5ft 10" or Under

Talk about a scary face!  This one would be perfect for Halloween!

While the Bigfoot costume above has been known to comfortably fit those over 6ft tall, most of us aren't actually giants. 

This Sasquatch outfit is perfect for people slightly shorter.  It will accommodate any adult up to 5ft 10" and 180lbs. 

After that, you will be showing bits of ankle and struggling to keep the velcro closed.

The Brown Sasquatch Adult Costume comes in four pieces.  The furry jumpsuit fastens at the back with the aforementioned velcro.  The gloves, feet and deluxe mask are all separate items, though they do all arrive as part of the same outfit.

Each of the features are moulded out of latex, for that realistic look.

Again this is a quality suit, so not something that you will be wanting to cast away later. Consider it your Bigfoot fancy dress outfit for years to come.

Whistling great apes; a methane stink; childcare research; and bizarre chattering in the middle of the night. These are just some of the hallmarks of this hairy giant.

Seasons HK Deluxe Big Foot Adult Costume

Seasons HK Deluxe Big Foot Adult Costume

Deluxe Big Foot Outfit for Adults

The picture makes this look darker than it is. Or maybe that's just my eyes!

The deluxe Bigfoot costume is brown, rather than black. It is made from polyester, with acrylic features.

Following the now familiar ensemble, this outfit comes in four sections.  The furry jumpsuit, the mask, the gloves and the very large feet.  The latter being the important point here, hence the nick-name.

As a Halloween costume, it's the hands that really make this spooky.  Unlike those listed elsewhere, these have long, spindly fingers. 

I don't know if that's authentically 'Squatchy, but it's certainly a good look for that night of ghosts, ghouls and monsters.

And is anyone else looking at that face and thinking Jack Nicholson in The Shining? Albeit more ape-like, with a touch of zombie thrown in for good measure.

In short, a perfect Halloween Sasquatch!

On December 6th 1972, an all-time classic Bigfoot docu-drama was released. Chronicling true sightings of the Fouke Monster, the movie has grossed $25 million.

Actual Big Foot Costume

This is THE outfit for people who want to wilfully misunderstand the remit.

Go to the party as a Big Foot!  All of your friends will be going as a hairy primate, and you will stand out a mile.

Stand out.  Foot.  Get it? 

Yeah, ok.  Anyway, this is a Bigfoot outfit for those with a sense of humor. It is made out of foam, with a felt fabric covering.

It fits over the head, as a one-piece suit.  Enjoy!

Big Foot One Piece Adult Costume

big foot adult costume one size halloween funny body part toes...

Time left: 1 week, 2 days
Current bid: $40.99  Place bid

More 'Squatchy Ideas for Halloween!

As Halloween beckons, house-holders add yet another piece to the yearly collection. Ghosts, ghouls, vampires and monsters. What is missing here? Ah! Yes! Bigfoot!
From the snow-covered mountain tops to the raucous party next door, the Abominable Snowman has been seen. Roar! I say again, RAWR!

And Other Seasons Too!

Deck the halls with boughs and Bigfoot, tra-la-la-la-laaaa! A beautiful carol for those looking for festive Sasquatch treats this Christmas. They do exist and I have them here!
Is your idea of a good time wandering around forests looking for 10ft tall elusive primates? Then check out these Gone Squatchin' t-shirts and other items!

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LOL I thought that would appeal to your sense of humour. <3

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