Frankenweenie Costumes

by samsara

With a Frankenweenie Costume you will be a true Halloween hit! Dress as Elsa Van Helsing or as Victor Frankenstein!

Frankenweenie is one of the best movies a kid and a adult can watch around Halloween! Dress up as one of the grey characters from Frankenweenie.

Be Elsa Van Helsing or Victor Frankenstein! This is a great costume combination for couples! You can also get a fun costume for your dog and your look will be complete.

Enjoy your Tim Burton Frankenweenie inspired Halloween!


Frankenweenie Victor Frankenstein Adult Costume











Frankenweenie Victor Frankenstein Adult Costume

Victor Frankenstein Frankenweenie Costume

Victor sure is one of those people who truly love their pets as he is the one who gives his dead dog Sparky its life back.

This costume will be a hit for this Halloween, for one as this is the hit Halloween movie and also because it is quite unique in its grey scale. 

This costume features a white doctor like tunic, character grey half mask, gloves and stethoscope.

Transform yourself into Victor and bring all the cute pets back to life! If you own a dog and he or she will be with you for Halloween be sure to dress him/her up as Sparky.

Frankenweenie Elsa Van Helsing Adult Women's Costume

Frankenweenie Elsa Van Helsing Adult Women's Costume

Elsa Van Helsing Costume Frankenweenie

Victor's classmate and a nice looking grey little girl. Perfect for this Halloween. 

This costume features a black and white dress with attached shirt, tights and a character wig. Be sure to have a grey scaled make up to complete the look and to wear grey leggings.

Be Elsa Van Helsing and if you have a dog be sure to dress him up as Persephone, her cool Frankenstein's bride inspired dog.

Get Frankenweenie Dog Costume

Frankenweenie - Sparky Pet Costume
Only $6.99

Frankenweenie Dog Costume

If you have a dog he or she can have a Frankenweenie costume for this Halloween! Especially if you are going to be Victor or Elsa.

Sparky got a second chance with his life and your dog can share in the fun! This costume is available in many sizes, it will fit the small ones as well as the large ones!

Elsa Van Helsing Make Up

What you need?

To make your perfect Elsa Van Helsing make up you will first need some grey face paint. You can get it in most costumes stores or you can order it online (it is fairly inexpensive).

Apply the grey face paint on your face evenly.

Next you will need a grey lipstick (a few shades darker then face paint) and grey eye-shadow.

You can also use a black eye-liner - apply it under the eyes. You can draw a few eye lashes under the eyes with the eye-liner.

Be sure to make your eyes look rounder.

All done and looking fantastic!


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Gina on 09/25/2012

I just watched with my 9 year old what a great conversation starter..loved it!

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