Free Honda Radio Unlock Codes

by ryank

To to find out the code for your locked Honda car stereo? Check out these resources to help you find it!

So, the radio in your Honda has stopped working and is demanding a code from you? I feel your frustration. Not because you drive a Honda, but because I know that there is nothing worse than having to drive a long distance with just one or two Cd's in your dashboard and a sense of sheer desperation for some music to keep you feeling energetic and awake at the wheel. Fortunately it is a very simple problem to solve, you have two clear options. One is to take it to your local Honda mechanic or dealership and succumb to their unfair demands for payment in return for them entering a factory default code, I bet that they won't tell you the code afterwards either! The other option, and the one which sensible people choose, is to simply obtain this code yourself from any one of many great free online sources.

Honda Stereo Code

A car radio locking itself is most frequently the result of a flat or disconnected battery. The first thing that you need to ascertain is precisely what make and/or model of car stereo your Honda has. If it is not clear from the front of the Stereo unit, or from your owner's handbook, then you will need to remove the faceplate above your car radio and then remove any screws holding the radio in place. Slide the stereo out and you should be presented with a label at the top of the stereo which provides you with that information. If you do need to do this, then save yourself some time by noting the two unique reference numbers on that label. One of the techniques which I am going to show you will also require the VIN number of your vehicle, this is generally located at the bottom of your window screen or at the bottom of the drivers side window.

Free Honda Radio Decode

Whilst a car mechanic or a Honda dealership will almost always attempt to charge you a lot of money for information regarding your default radio code, they generally obtain this information themselves at no cost at all or at very most the cost of a telephone call. It is more than acceptable for you to call Honda yourself and provide them with the information mentioned above (Stereo model, VIN number, and the two unique references on the stereo label). They will almost always provide you with the code completely free of charge, just as long as you can provide them with the required data. If the Honda customer service number is free of charge / toll free in your country then this may be the best option. Alternatively, if you have to pay for the phone call, then you may be able to save money by searching any one of several free online resources.

Contact Honda

Honda UK 0845 200 8000

Honda USA 1-800-999-1009 (Toll Free)

Honda Canada 1-800-387-5399 (Toll Free)

Honda Aus 1800 804 954 (Toll Free)

Honda NZ 0800 2 46632

Honda Radio Code Online

I know of two great online communities which have built up extensive archives of radio codes for almost every make and model imaginable. These are:

  • UsedCarMart - If your having a bit of a problem finding the code for your model the UsedCarMart forum would be a good place to start. Visit the relevant section of that forum here. Whether you require a Blaukpunkt radio code or a Phillips radio code, almost every make and model of car radio is featured and easily found if you make full use of the forum search facility.
  • Ecoustics - If you can't find a free card code on UsedCarMart, which is a distinct possibility if your car is not marketed in the UK, then chances are you will be able to unlock your car radio following a quick visit to the 'Codes and Everything Else' forum on Have a search before posting, they don't take too kindly to duplicate threads, although I am sure that somebody would be willing to help if you struggle to find your required stereo code through the forum search box.
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