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by ryank

Protect yourself against Internet fraud and identity theft with these excellent free password and username generators!

I have been tinkering online for about a decade now, in fact at one stage I had a dozen email accounts and I am always finding upon trying to sign up to a website that my email address has already been registered. What happens if somebody else abuses these accounts?
One of my email accounts, the one I use the most, is my gateway to all sorts of sensitive online accounts. That account remains one of only a few of my Hotmail or Gmail accounts not to be hacked into, thankfully. Why is this the case? It really is as giving more thought to the complexity of my password, which is very long, has a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, and several numbers in different places.

Those accounts which have been hacked on numerous occasions have had passwords with one dictionary word or a common name, and normally just one numerical character at the end. Rather stupidly, most of those accounts also shared just a few different passwords, and some of them were linked together through just one login. Recently, I set about changing as many of my passwords as possible, all of which are highly unique and recorded only in a very secure (offline) location. I haven't been hacked by Chinese spammers or potential fraudsters since. Thinking up passwords can get tiresome however, particularly when you have literally hundreds to do, and that is why I now use several free Username and Password generators. Be careful with these also! The ones featured on this list are fully legitimate and secure.

This handy little piece of software is free, well for 15 days at least, I used this extensively to create lists of long string passwords - all of which had fantastically long strings. I simply saved dozens of them, removed the software before the end of the trial, and I still have those passwords saved for possible future use. I can simply visit my spreadsheet, lift the first password, and record the password offline. I can't think of any reason why you should need to pay for the password at the end of the trial, if you are clever enough.

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If you are looking for an online alternative, as you don't want to install software, then this is a good option. It is not as complex as the good software alternatives, as can be expected by a simple browser based programme, and only generates one password per request. This site is perfectly safe to use, but perhaps better suited to those who don't need new passwords in bulk. The passwords are equally as good however, if you do just need one.

Atory Password Generator 1.7

My favourite bit of freeware is Atory Password Generator 1.7, which I found a little late, but which will be used by me from now on. This piece of software is very easy to navigate, has almost all of the features as the piece of software featured at the top of this page. My favourite aspect is the ability to copy the passwords directly to Windows Clipboard, and this software can even be integrated into custom bespoke business systems, perhaps the best free solution to those who own sign up websites which provide new users with initial passwords or for network administrators. If software, rather than browser based programs, are your preference.... then this could well be your perfect solution.

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Updated: on 08/03/2012, ryank
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