Funny Halloween Costumes for Men

by Pukeko

Don't be seen in a boring costume. Check out this collection of funny Halloween costumes for men and be the life of the party.

Halloween Is a Time for Laughs! Ok, so I am not a traditionalist. If I were, I guess Halloween would be a time for men to be scary. Women are witches, men are ghosts, or pirates, vampires, lawyers or some other nasty frightening costume.

For me, I like to laugh. Halloween is no exception. There are so many funny costumes out there for men that I had a blast making this page. So, if you share my sense of humor, get ready to laugh, as I share with you the best of the best. The few costumes which left me rolling on the floor with laughter are here. Well not literally, but I did laugh out loud and if I have done my homework well, you will to.

So get ready for the unique, the unexpected and share in my collection of funny Halloween costumes for men.

Man Eating Shark Costume

When I saw this costume I burst into laughter. It is so creative and different. It would be great for Halloween, although you might get turned down as a trick or treater, as it appears you have already done a trick and ended up with a treat.


I know what you're thinking, pretty lame joke there Pukeko. What can I say.


The shark body suit is 100% polyester knit. The product reviewers feel it is fun and would recommend it to friends, but both did say that it gets hot.


Man Eating Shark Costume For Adult


Oh No! It's A Mr. Bill Costume -

Mr Bill Costume Adult Medium

Do You Remember Mr. Bill?

Do you remember Mr. Bill from Saturday Night Live, and later from TV commercials and PSAs?  I loved watching Mr. Bill and all his ridiculous escapades and perils at the hand of Sluggo and Mr. Hand.
This is one of the best costumes I have seen this year. I think just wearing him will bring a big smile to everyones face - whether it is from a memory or just because  . . .  well let's face it, this is one cute costume.
Personally, I think women could wear it too, as you don't see the face and Mr. Bill's voice was so high and squeeky. I know I can say "Ohhhh Noooooo!" as well as any man.
The Mr Bill costume comes with the jump suit, Mr. Bill's signature open mouthed head piece, and the white gloves and it comes in a variety of sizes.

I Was So Excited When I Found This Costume I Wrote an Entire Page on Mr. Bill!

I love Mr. Bill trivia. SNL (Saturday Night Live) brought us some great humor.

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Why is this chicken costume funny?  I have no idea, but it sure is hilarious.  It caught my eye when I was searching for the funniest costumes and it made the cut when my family voted on the ones which would actually make it to this page. 


So, what makes a giant chicken costume funny?  Maybe it is the silly answers that pop into one's head when they look at it and think, Why did the chicken cross the road?  (To get to the other side, of course). 


Once again, I think this costume could be worn by men or women.  It includes the giant plush chicken suit, leggings, mitts, and overhead mask. 


Adult Costumes - FUNNY CHICKEN


Be the Heart Throb on the Magazine Cover This Halloween

Clever and funny or just ridiculous?  Your call on this one.  I laughed so it made my list.  Think about it, how else are you ever going to have that body and be on the cover or a magazine like the Enquirer. 


There is also a ladies version of this magazine available.


Magazine Cover Heartthrob Guy Costume


Be a Matched Set

(there is a women's version of this magazine cover)
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Hot Dog Costume

Be a Giant Wiener!

I don't know about you, but I think American Style Hot Dogs are a really fun food.  So when I first saw this costume I fell in love with it.  Who wouldn't want to be a giant hot dog? 


It also is another great multipurpose costume, that is if you own a hot dog stand or restaurant.  Imagine having your employees standing on the corner promoting your wieners wearing this tasty costume.   And it is easy to wear, just slip it over your head (don't forget to wear pants and a top underneath.)


Hot Dog Costume


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Which Costume Did You Think Was the Funniest?

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mandeesears on 07/19/2011

It's between the Whoopie Cushion and the Pizza Slice. I have a couple of people in mind...

PeggyHazelwood on 07/18/2011

Cute ideas for Halloween. I bet wearing several of those can get pretty hot!

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