Hang In There Cat Poster

by frugalrvers

Nothing says it better than a "hang in there" cat poster. These posters, showing cats at the end of their ropes, are perfect for home or office...

Don't we all need reminders to just hang in there sometimes? I know that I do. With life events recently, I'm considering plastering the entire rv with these cat posters....

Enjoy looking at some of the old Hang In There Baby mixed with some of the new (hint, my crazy cat, Spot)...certain for a laugh at a minimum.

A Cat "Hang In There" Poster Has Been Motivating People For Decades

Is A Hang In There Kitty Poster All We Truly Need?

For many of us, looking at vintage images of a "Hang In There" cat poster brings back a lot of memories, and they are still for sale! You might be surprised, given these inspirational kitty posters are considered vintage this day in age, that they are still readily available to decorate either your home or office.

Of course, just "hang on" messages from cute kittens and cats swinging about in mid-air is all most people need to at least crack a little smile. But given that people still are searching for these posters, in addition to my tendency to over-analyze, I cannot resist talking about them.

In fact, I put a modern twist on hilarious pictures of my insane, sarcastic, overbearing cat, Spot. Putting in hang in there messages on some of my favorite photos and turning them into posters.

Some you will find in this article, but if you want to see the whole "kitten kaboodle" (yeah...pun intended), then check out Hang In There Cat Poster Shop

Hang In There - A Book About Inspirational Art Of The 1970s

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When You Get To The End Of Your Rope...

My Memories Of Images Of Cats Hanging On

Now that I'm in my 40s, I can admit that I haven't thought about the Franklin D. Roosevelt quote of "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." However, now that I am reflecting, I can say with certainty that the "hang in there" cat image appeared in both my mom's house and my dad's Jeep, back in the 1970s. To be humorous, this was about the only thing my divorced parents had in common, besides me!

As for my dad, I loved his Jeep, and back then the dashboard and glove compartment were all sleek metal. Also, refrigerator magnets were quite "hip" back in the day, too. I can't remember if I guilted him into it, but I know there were cute magnets adhered to his dashboard.

Given that his Jeep was an awesome, lifted four wheel drive machine, taken on many rugged trips out west, it is hard to imagine I had no influence on puppy and kitty magnets stuck to his dashboard. One of them, I clearly remember, was a cartoon image of a cat hanging from a rope, stating Roosevelt's quote.

At my mom's house, the downstairs door in the utility room still has a felt cartoon poster to this day, showing a cat that exclaims "hang in there." Weird. These cats are apparently the poster children for motivation and inspiration.

As with many things in today's fast paced society, where teenagers have no conception of what a record player or rotary dial phone actually are, I like to think that people are buying "hang in there" cat posters to remind them of a simpler time.

These images and phrases were so commonplace, back when cute and innocent was all it took to feel a little better at home or at the office. Kinda miss those days sometime...

Posting one of the motivational cat posters at the office, for those who remember these retro images, requires no explanation or introduction.

Like my rving cats, Spot and Toto, featured in one of the posters in this article, we all lived in a time that we can only reminisce about now - where it was easier to go with the flow and just hang on.

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Did You Have A "Hang In There" Cat Poster, T-shirt, Magnet, Etc?

frugalrvers on 02/19/2013

Thank you for your sweet comment!

Toni777 on 02/18/2013

So... precious. Made me smile...

BrendaReeves on 03/14/2012

These are so cute. Nice article. Glad to have you back on Wizzley.

katiem2 on 03/01/2012

i love cats and enjoy these sweet and hope inspiring posters, very good images to put a smile on our faces just when we need them, a good addition to any home, room or space needing a lift.

Jimmie on 12/17/2011

Ha! I do remember these. Tie a knot and hang on!
I'm a cat lover, so I love looking at the cute posters.

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