Funny Homeschool Shirts

by RhondaAlbom

Funny homeschool shirts tell the world you are proud to be homeschooling.

If Homeschool Shirts Are the Answer
What is the Question . . .

Clever T-shirts isn't usually put on the list of reasons why people Homeschool their children, it's just a bonus. And why wouldn't homeschoolers have clever shirts to announce to the world that we are proud of our decision to home educate our children. After all, we have been coming up with clever answers to sadly misguided questions for years.

Here you will find a list of some of the questions I have actually been asked about homeschooling. And rather than offering my answers here, I have include some of my favorite snarky and sarcastic homeschool t-shirts. I also included a few homeschool shirts that are just fun.

The Questions People Ask . . .

Here are a few of my favorite questions. And before you ask, I will say Yes - In 13 years of being home with my girls, I have heard everyone of these questions, many more than once.

When we are out in public on a school day,

"Why aren't you in school today, dear?"

"Oh, is it a teacher holiday today?"

"No school today?"

"Did you skip class today?"

"Oh, are you home sick today?"

"Did you really take your kids out of school to bring them to the beach?"

Then there are the questions from well meaning folks. They often have no understanding of homeschooling, and are genuinely concerned that we are messing up our perfectly adjusted offspring.

"What about socialization?"

"How are they going to meet other kids?"

"How do you know what to teach?"

"Does the Ministry (state/government) tell you what to teach?"

"What about the prom?"

"Do they go to school for testing?"

"If you don't test, how do you know they are learning something?"

"But your girls are missing out on so much, they can never be cheerleaders."

"Are you a teacher? (No) So how can teach your kids?"

"How long are you going to do this for? What are you going to do when they want to go to University?"

"They don't have transcripts, how will they get into uni?"

"How are they going to play sport?" (The personal irony of this question is in the fact that both of my children are nationally recognized athletes)

"Aren't your kids a little old to still be homeschooling?"

"Children need the discipline provided by schools, how are your kids going to survive in the real world with out it?"

And then their are those who simply feel compelled to comment, to offer their opinion, to justify their need to send their children to school or just to hear their voice.

"How can you stand to be with your kids all day?"

"I could never homeschool, I hate math (or science, or history, etc)."

"I am not smart enough to homeschool my kids, are you?"

"If homeschooling is so great for the kids, then why don't you homeschool my kids too."

And my all time favorite ridiculous question.  This is the one that left me speechless. 

"There are bullies everywhere. What are your kids going to do later in life if they haven't learnt how to deal with bullies when they were younger?"

What About You? Do You Homeschool?

(answers are anonymous)

Homeschooling Is a Family Affair

Homeschooling is a family lifestyle choice.  It is not just something that happens to the kids. Afterall, it is usually mom that has to deal with the barrage of bizarre questions.   So,  shouldn't mom and dad have their own homeschool shirts?  I think they should.  Here is my favorite homeschool shirt for mom:

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Theresa_Kennedy on 06/18/2011

Hey, I just wanted you to know that you are number 5 on google when I searched "funny homeschool shirts". I was just curious how google was listing wizzley pages, and was impressed. Anyway...nice article and even though I'm not homeschooling my son, I have often considered it because I believe it provides a higher quality education than public school. Oh, and I loved the shirts!

CherylsArt on 06/17/2011

It's amazing what people can ask out of curiosity. Now if only more would ask us where they can buy one of those shirts when we're wearing our Zazzle attire.

Jimmie on 06/17/2011

Love, love, love this. Was looking for my blessing button. Oh, yeah, that's another site. :-)
These questions are so fascinating to me because they are truly non-issues. But they are so BIG to others. There are quite a few HSers in my area. I bumped into one at Costco today. She was remarking to a public school teacher that her kids were still doing math through the summer. I agreed. We are too. The PS teacher admitted that HS was a great idea!

Guest on 06/16/2011

My daughter loves to wear her shirt with a caution sign that says, "Caution: Unsocialized homoeschooler."

What a fun article and one I can relate to as a homeschooling mom.

BarbRad on 06/16/2011

Although it may not apply to your family, there are many homeschool moms who have had to answer the question "Are all those kids yours?" I've also seen t-shirts that answered it. I kind of miss my homeschooling days. Enjoy them while you still can. Before you know it, they will be all grown up and leave home.

petunia on 06/16/2011

I love all these funny shirts, and although I have never homeschooled, I must say I definitely would consider homeschooling now!

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