How To Get A UK Shotgun License

by ryank

Looking to get a UK shotgun license? This article explains the process, it's easier than you think!

Want to take up shooting? Or had a few shooting lessons and now want to invest in your own gun for recreational use? Whilst the UK has some very strict gun laws the process of obtaining a shotgun license is actually rather simple. If you live in England, Scotland or Wales then your first step is to obtain an application form for a shotgun certificate from any police station.

If you are from Northern Ireland then the system is a little different but the police station is still your starting point. You can either take the form away with your for completion or complete the form at the station, these forms ask a lot of questions so take your time; it mainly consists of personal information such as your employment details and your addresses over the last five years.

UK Shotgun Certificate Application

It is essential that you complete the section about previous convictions, irrespective of how trivial you feel that they are; and this includes common crimes such as speeding convictions. The police will check all information against the police computer and if they find something which you haven't declared the likelihood is a rejected or flagged application. You will also be asked to reveal any medical conditions that you currently suffer from, or have suffered from, and you will be required to grant permission for the police to access your medical records to check these too. The purpose is for them to identify any conditions which they feel may render you unsuitable for the safe handling of a firearm. You will also be asked to provide details in respect of how and where you intend to store the gun and enclose four passport sized photos to accompany the application.

UK Shotgun Licensing

Once completed the form must be counter signed by a somebody who has known you for at least two years and can be considered of good social standing, for the purpose of Shotgun Licensing applications the counter signatory cannot be a policeman, a police employee, or a firearms dealer. The precise wording of the guidelines actually states: "...a Member of Parliament, Justice of the Peace, minister of religion, doctor, lawyer, established civil servant, bank officer, or person of similar standing.".Before approaching a counter signatory it may be worth calling the police firearms department at the local headquarters to check whether the individual is deemed appropriate.There is a fee attached to a shotgun certificate application, as far as I am aware this is currently £50.

Shotgun License Application Process - Stage 2

Within a month of submitting an application you should expect to receive a visit from a police officer or a citizen representative of the police, it is perhaps wise to have your gun cabinet in place in time for this visit (the location of this gun cabinet should be consistent with any details that you provide on the application form). If in doubt about the suitability of a cabinet it is wise to consult your local firearms dealer, any good dealer should be ready and willing to advise you accordingly. You must ensure that this cabinet is fixed firmly to a wall, or even better built into a wall. The police representative will sit down and go through every section of the form, asking you to confirm that each answer is correct. In addition, they may ask you for clarification of certain issues or sections if there is an inconsistency with the information or if a question is not fully answered. The visitor will also review the general security of your home and suggest a any improvements, this advice could prove valuable to any homeowner who places significant emphasis on their home security.

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