How To Get A Twitter Account Unsuspended

by ryank

Has your twitter account been deleted? Read this article and get it back!

Quite a few people have stumbled across a Twitter article of mine in search of ways to get their Twitter account unsuspended, I must admit that I was quite intrigued, why have 20 or 30 people had their accounts suspended on Twitter? At first I assumed that they had posted very inappropriate content, before I subsequently delved a little deeper. It appears that a great number of people have had their accounts suspended unfairly, accidentally, or for reasons beyond their control. Others, of course, have fully deserved their bans. Fortunately, for those innocent Tweeters, it is possible to get your Twitter account unsuspended and the site are reasonably fair and logical when considering a request for unsuspension. Read on to find out how to get your Twitter account back.

Why Are Twitter Accounts Suspended?

The problem first emerged way back in July 2009 when it was widely reported that the site had suspended thousands of users with very little by the way of an explanation. In fact, it was never really ever worked out precisely why, although it is likely that it was as a result of a clampdown on abusers of their terms and conditions. Whilst it may not seem like it, Twitter actually takes a tough line on those who follow and unfollow too many people in a blatant effort to garner followers, and also dislikes prolific spammers. 

Every single one of my tweets has been promotional, and with an ulterior motive, although I suppose Twitter is impartial when it comes to two or three tweets a week. However, hundreds of people contested their innocent and claimed that they had acted innocently and within the terms and conditions of the site. Some of the accounts suspended were amongst the biggest Twitter names on the site, and Twitter did eventually release this statement:

“We accidentally suspended a number of accounts. We regret the human error that led to these mistaken suspensions and we are working to restore the affected accounts—we expect this to be completed in the next several hours.”

However hundreds of users were never reinstated and had to start the process again. The mass suspensions has gone on ever since, scarcely ever with an explanation, and resulting in hundreds of people each day contesting their innocence. Of course, I cannot comment on the integrity of all of those people, but I myself know a purely social user being banned for no reason whatsoever after five weeks of not even Tweeting! Hardly a way to challenge the dominance of Facebook, and lets be honest Twitter really isn't all that good anyway. But that said, if you do have a decent following and see this undone by some sort of Twitter cleansing spurge, you would still expect to try and get them to reverse their actions. As many of you have probably already been suspended, hence finding this page, I will get on with it in the next paragraph!

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How To Get A Suspended Twitter Account Back

The first thing that you should do is read the Twitter rules before deciding whether or not you believe that you have done something wrong, because if you have you will without a doubt be expected to acknowledge and apologise for this to have any chance whatsoever of getting your account back. If you haven't, then you probably have a good chance of getting your account unsuspended, this suspension could be an error, a glitch, or implemented by an over-zealous moderator. The Twitter Rules can be found here.

If you suspect that your account has been suspended, often simply as a result of several failed login attempts, then first check your email inbox and junk folders for an explanation (occasionally people actually do get one). If the email notification states that you have been banned for 'aggressive following behaviours' then you will need to immediately remove any automated following software that you may have installed, or alternatively be willing to confirm that you will stop manual aggressive following immediately. If your ban is for this reason, you will have to confirm your future intentions in order to get your account unsuspended. It should be noted that all suspended profiles are replaced with a notification stating that an account has been unsuspended, try typing the URL of your profile page to ensure that you have actually been suspended rather than forgetting your password or leaving your keyboard on num lock!

The final step is to file a ticket by visiting this page and selecting 'my account is suspended' from the relevant drop-down menu. Remember to be polite at all times, apologise if you actually have broken the rules, confirm that you won't break them again, and appeal sensibly for a return of your account privileges. Apparently the success rate is reasonably high, a few never hear anything back. I assume that those few are those who go all guns blazing. Good luck, and I hope that you get your Twitter account unsuspended very soon.

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TheHangingWire on 04/28/2013

Hello reader!

Suspension of twitter account is common for new users
as we all run over twitter rules to get more and more followers.
But getting your twitter account unsuspended is very easy process.
It takes only few days to get your twitter back. Twitter provide
detailed guideline for suspended account at twitter support guys are
very kind. They help you in any possible way.

brian royster on 03/05/2013

my twitter was suspended and i can't tweet my followers and my followers have 0 up there and i had 212

FloraBreenRobison on 05/02/2012

I've had my account hacked several times, but I've never had my account suspended and I didn't realize that so many had been suspended by error. I'll keep this article in mind if it ever happens to me.

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