Growing Flower Seeds with Children

by 2uesday

Projects with seeds that help kids to learn how plants and flowers grow.

Growing plants from seed is fun for children and for the adult who is helping them to grow the flowers. A child can learn a lot from watching the stages the plant goes through from the time the seed is pushed into the soil to when it flowers and finally produces seeds.

Other topics can be brought into the seed growing project such as art and crafts, science, keeping a diary or journal and even charting the plants growth.

Flower Seeds that are Easy to Grow

Flower seeds nasturtiums and sunflowers.
Plant these flower seeds that are large enough for a child to pick up and plant.
  • Nasturtium 

Nasturtium seeds are large enough for tiny hands to be able to pick them up and plant them one by one. Big seeds are a great idea when gardening with children.  A child will not easily cope with a packet of seeds to sow if they are as fine as dust and difficult to sprinkle evenly. 

  • Nasturtiums are easy to grow.
  • Flower in a range of bright colors.
  • Taller varieties are good climbers. 

It is interesting to show a child how the plant grows and also how it holds onto things to climb upwards.


  • Sunflowers

Sunflower seeds are also large enough to pick up and plant individually. The seeds are interesting and attractive as they usually have black and white stripes.

  • A sunflower is bold in color and impressive in size. 
  • They grow quickly.
  • The seeds of sunflowers can be used to feed the birds.
  • You can collect the seeds to store and then plant sunflowers again next year. If you wish to collect the seeds of flowers to grow on in future years do not buy hybrid varieties.

Sunflowers grow tall and are also easy to measure for improving numeracy skills.

The child will find the sunflower an easy flower to use for inspiration for art and craft lessons. 

Sunflower seeds can be used with other items to make collages.



Growing Sunflowers.

Children love growing plants and there are lots of lessons to be learned along the way.

Easy projects when growing seeds.

You will find that the amount of fun and learning that the child can gain from tackling these simple ideas is greater than the time and effort invested in them.


  1. Growing sunflowers from seeds and chart the growth in a log or on a graph. 
  • This could be done in a competitive way (who can grow the tallest sunflower) or alternatively as a way of discovering how seeds germinate and grow.  
  • The child can learn how to measure and record/chart the plants growth.  They will also learn the ways we take care of plants i.e. things such as the plants need watering when the weather is dry.
  • The way that plants 'turn' and grow towards the light is usually interesting to children.

You can grow the sunflowers in the garden soil or in suitable pots.

If you want to start the plants off indoors you can use a container such as an old disposable coffee cup filled with compost and one or two seeds pushed into the compost. Keep the compost moist and once the plants are growing sturdily and the weather is right plant them outdoors into the garden or into a flower pot. 


Sunflowers are fun to grow.
Sunflower photo
Sunflower photo
photo 2uesday's





Growing flowers can be an inspiration for other hobbies such as painting.
Sunflower image
Sunflower image
photo of 2uesday's painting

How to Grow Sunflowers with Children.

Books on Gardening Projects with Children.

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The Tiny Seed book by Eric Carle.

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Growing seeds to learn about germination.

What seeds can you use if you want to demonstrate seeds germinating to children?

  • If you are planning to plant the seeds in something like a plastic drinking cup or pre-used take-away coffee cups filled with compost, sunflower seeds or runner bean seeds should work well. The children can then take the seedlings home and plant them on if they wish.
  • Do n't forget to put drainage holes in the bottom of the cups before giving them to the children to plant the seeds in the compost.
  • Check the compost before buying it to make sure that it is suitable for germinating seeds and that it is safe for the kids to use.

If the children over water the seeds or forget to water them they may not get good results. If the plants do not get enough light they will grow tall and spindly. Even if the seed growing experiment does not work out as well as you wanted it to the children can learn something from what went wrong. However with a bit of care and planning the results are usually good.

Time lapse pictures of seeds growing.

An easy way to show a child how a seed grows.
Nasturtium flowers are bright and easy to grow in the garden.
Nasturtium flowers.
Nasturtium flowers.
photo 2uesday's

How to sow and grow nasturtium seeds.

Easy to grow flowers.

Nasturtiums like to grow in a place where they are in the sun and prefer a soil that is well drained.

Your nasturtiums will flower through the summer months and into the autumn. 

Sow your nasturtium seeds outside where you want them to grow and to flower. 

Plant them as directed on the seed packet.

You can eat nasturtium petals but they taste peppery so children may not like the taste.

A flower seed that is fun for children to grow.

Poppies called Ladybird.

Here is a link to a place that sells poppy seeds that flower in red and black and are called

Ladybird Poppies. 

How to explain the life cycle of plants to children, a simple way to show how plants grow and set seed.

A simple video to explain the life cycle of plants to children.

Images of sunflowers on posters. You can show children how nature including flowers inspires art.

Vincent Van Gogh Vase with Twelve Sunflowers Painting Art Poster
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Who has the most famous painting of Sunflowers?

A link to see Van Gogh's Sunflower painting in the National Gallery, London.
Vincent van Gogh's painting of sunflowers might inspire a child to paint its own version of a sunflower painting.

Where do strawberries come from? A child can learn about pollinating insects if you grow fruit in the garden.

More ideas for growing plants in the garden with children.
Photo of a strawberry plant in flower.
Photo of a strawberry plant in flower.

Buying Books about Growing Plants with Children.

How to teach children to how plants grow, books to help set up projects.
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Tolovaj on 06/09/2012

Planting seeds with kids is great in many ways: they easier understand how something grows, they learn to be patient, it is great exercise in responsibility and as you already said - you can use final 'product' to feed the birds. Or in case of sunflowers: their seeds are very tasty and one of the most healthy foods for people too!

2uesday on 02/12/2012

Hi katiem2, sunflowers are great for color and good value as the birds can feed from the seeds later in the year. It is too cold here at the moment to grow anything just starting to buy packets of seeds and plan.

katiem2 on 02/11/2012

I'm a gardener, live in the city and love gardening, if there's a spot to plant I do it. My girls have always been involved, the love it as well. Still to this day growing sunflowers off the back deck is a summer favorite. Thanks for the great new ideas, I'm ready to plant I know the girls are too.

2uesday on 02/07/2012

Hi Snurre you have a lot to look forward to then gardening, building snowmen and sandcastles on beaches. All of those make the happiest of memories.

Hi Debbie - me too, I have packets of seeds just waiting for the spring time so that I can sow them.

DebbieBrooks on 02/07/2012

great post.. Now I really want spring here.. thank s for the beautiful flowers.. debbie

Snurre on 02/07/2012

Great article with some very good ideas. I don't have kids yet, but I can remember gardening with my parents, which was a lot of fun. Hopefully, one day I'll do gardening with kids of my own.

2uesday on 02/07/2012

Hello Angel thank you, yes gardening is always popular with children. They love all the activities that go with it like sowing seeds planting and watering the plants. I enjoyed the time spent in the garden with my two children and now they have gardens of their own to show me.

Angel on 02/06/2012

This is such a great idea. My children love to plant flowers and watch them grow over time. Makes me want to go buy some seeds and start this as a project this weekend. With four kids I have to stay on top of activities to keep them busy....or else! Voted up.

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