How To Repair A Scratched PS3 Game Disc

by ryank

Are your PS3 games skipping or stopping? Just get them repaired! It's cheap an easy to repair Playstation 3 games.

Scratched your favourite game so much that it now skips or will not load at all? Or borrowed a game from a friend and are dreading having to return it with a big scratch running down the middle? Believe it or not, your disc will probably not be beyond repair. You have two very simple and clear options, you either repair the disc or you replace the disc. Which option you choose is going to depend very much on the value of the game, if it is an expensive latest release or even a complete rarity then repair is likely to be cost effective. If you can purchase the game for five dollars on Amazon then you may as well replace it, read on to find out more about repairing scratched PS3 games.

How To Repair A Scratched PS3 Disc

Whilst we have all heard of the old toothpaste myth (yes this will result in your disc becoming playable again, and will work on multiple occasions, but will also further damage your disc and become completely ineffective in the medium term), the true solution is to send your disc to one of the many professional services who offer to fix your discs for just a few dollars. Some of the best American businesses include:

  • - These charge $3.50 per disc for 1-5 discs, $1.75 per disc for 6-10 discs, $1.50 per disc for 11-25 discs, $1.25 per disc for 26-100 discs, or $1 per disc for over 100 discs. The return shipping costs are added at checkout and depend on your exact geographical location.
  • - Another good company, these will charge $3 per disc for between 1-19 discs, $2.50 per disc for between 20-39 discs, $2.00 per disc for between 40-50 discs, and further price reductions on quantities above 50 upon application.

It is of course not just PS3 games that can be repaired, they use exactly the same machines to fully repair Xbox 360 games, Wii games, Blu-Ray, HD DVD, DVD, CD, Computer Discs, Mini Discs, and Books-on-Disc.

Repair A Disc Yourself

If you regularly scratch your discs, or have a large number of discs to repair, then it would perhaps make more financial sense for you to invest in a disc repair machine and do them yourself! Alternatively, it could also make for a great small business opportunity - we already know that you can charge at least $3 per disc! Buy the JFJ Easy Pro Universal for less than $110 and you only need to repair 37 discs for friends and associates to break even on your investment! It costs just 15-20 cents per repair in maintenance to operate a JFJ Easy Pro, resulting in a saving or profit of at least $2.80 for each disc that you repair!

Buy A CD Repair Machine, Make Money!

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