Ice Queen Costume for Adults

by Marie

Like the idea of dressing as an adult winter goddess with a snow or ice Queen look? Lots of ideas so you can create a perfect outfit for Halloween or other dressing up occasions.

Frosted ice costumes with winter whites, shimmering silvers, greys and ice blue create such elegant and breathtaking outfits that you can simply dazzle and shine in. Add a white layered cape over the top of a white or silver dress to make a wonderful and unique winter queen outfit.

See how you can put together an amazing and elegant snow or ice outfit in just 5 easy steps or choose to purchase a ready-made costume. However you wish to make your magical winter wonderland clothing, this is the page you should look at.

Step 1 - A Basic Ice Queen Look

A Stunning Winter Themed Costume

One of the most elegant and stunning winter themed costumes is that of the Ice Queen - breathtakingly beautiful, elegant and dazzling. She is a goddess dressed in white and silver colors and cloaked in a magnificent long cape.

Buying a complete outfit ensemble for an adult can be tricky - especially out of the standard Halloween season. There are not many custom outfits that you can buy with this design in mind. But, luckily, it's easy to achieve the exact look you need and I show you how in just 5 easy steps. Just look down this page for all the inspiration you need to pull of an amazing Snow or Ice Queen outfit.

If you start with a full length white cape or cloak, you don't need to worry too much about the dress underneath which would ideally be white if the cape is transparent or could be silver or light blue if you go for a thicker velvet like material or even faux fur.


A White Robe Creates Most of the Look
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A long white hooded winter themed cape worn with a couple of matching accessories such as long white sating gloves, a sparkling 'ice' tiara and some icicle earrings makes up most of what you need to pull off a convincing outfit or style. If you have a simple white or silver dress or even a white t-shirt with skirt or pants to wear under the cape, then you're all set.

Step 2 - Beautiful Hair and Wigs

Wonderful Winter Wig

I always envisage this female character as having long blonde, silvery gray or white hair. You could just use your own hair but it's nice to dress up so you look completely different. I also love the idea of dark hair with a white or silver streak of hair running through it which could be achieved with a clip in hair extension. That would give a bit of a vamp or goth look instead.

You can get some really amazingwigs at eBay which will really make you stand out. Even some that have tinted ice blue streaks at the front.

Step 3 - Ice Queen Shoes and Footwear

What shoes would she wear? So long as you're not really going to be out in the cold, some pretty silver sandals (high or flats) with some sparkling rhinestones or swarovski crystal decoration to give the appearance of ice would look stunning. Elegant and strappy sandals would work best if you have a thin fabric dress and cloak.

To match up with a thick faux fur cloak, cape, stole or shrug - I'd recommend attractive, knee-high white boots with a wedge heel (gives you height with comfort) and faux fur lining on the boot tops which you can easily add yourself if your boots don't have this cute feature.

Step 4 - Accessories to Work Your Outfit

When putting together a costume or outfit, it's often the small, attention to detail items that really make a costume and also style it as being uniquely yours. This is even more important if you bought your outfit because maybe someone else is wearing the exact same thing. So you want to add in your own accessories so you ensure that you definitely don't look the carbon copy of someone else.

What accessories would this character wear? I'd expect her to look like she's got an icy, frosty or snowy exterior. Going with some snowflake accessories like a diamond or sparkling rhinestone pendant necklace or earrings would work well.

Drape yourself in jewelry and hair accessories that sparkle and shine. A tiara or a hair ornament that has the appearance of being made from beads of ice. Rhinestones, diamonds, white pearls, glitter, white feathers.

Another wonderful idea is to get hold of some lace and satin-like fingerless, long gloves which can truly transform a plain dress into something more graceful and looks great worn with or without a cape. The lace on these gloves is so delicate that it has the appearance of snowflakes.

Step 5 - Frosty Ice Make Up for Adults

Smoky Silver Gray Eyes

For that elegant and regal style, you really just need to focus on the eye makeup which will give you the most dramatic look. A nude shade of lipstick with just a slick of gloss on top is all you need on your lips. If there's one thing I've learned from years of makeup tips with my really sophisticated sister, you either go all out on your eyes OR your lips but never both because then you look overdone!

I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. I'd recommend some sultry and smoky silver gray eyes with black eyeliner and mascara as shown here. Or you could go for ice blue eyes with white eyeliner and a white mascara or fake eyelashes. Either will give an amazing Ice Queen look.

Updated: on 10/14/2014, Marie

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