Looper Soundtrack and Movie Track List

by samsara

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Futuristic action thriller Looper serves us with an excellent movie plot that will have you hooked and awesome music! If you enjoyed the movie (and we have no doubt about it) you will love the music too.

Check out the official Looper movie soundtrack, check out some music videos and read about the author behind the music Nathan Johnson.

Looper Soundtrack

It is quite a rarity nowadays that the entire movie soundtrack is made by one author but this is one of those cases. Nathan Johnson is the author behind the Looper movie soundtrack songs.

The soundtrack features 19 ambiental and somewhat futuristic songs that will set your mind at ease or rock you back to re-experience the movie.

This album is a must have for all movie fans as well as any music lover as it brings something new.

Who is Nathan Johnson?

Well besides him being the author of Looper soundtrack, some of his works are the soundtrack for The Brothers Bloom, Brick, Et Soudain and numerous short films. Certainly an artist you should keep your eye on.

This creative artist certainly left a stamp in the music with his Looper score as it brings the music to a whole another level by combining sounds from all over the place into unique perfections. If you wish to see how and where the inspiration behind this music comes from a Looper preview (scroll down this page) is a must see. You will be amazed when you will see where all these sounds come from and how great they work together.

You can learn more about this artist by visiting Nathanjohnson.tumblr.com

A preview of Looper's Score - Listen to Time Machine

Well worth the watch

About the Movie

Looper brings us into the future, in the year 2072 to be exact, when time travel is possible yet it is illegal. Naturally (as with all other illegal things) time travel is available on the black market and the mob is keen on using it whenever they want to get rid of someone - they send their target 30 years back where a hired gun awaits to "take care of the problem". One of these gun mans is Joe (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt) who one day learns the "future" mob wishes to close the loop by sending the "future" Joe (played by Bruce Willis) back in time to meed his end.

Exciting movie, with exciting plot and exciting music. What more would one want? Haven't seen the movie yet? Do take a look at the official movie trailer bellow.

Movie Trailer

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katiem2 on 09/13/2012

Me neither. It's going to be a great movie. I'd watch it for the cast alone but the story line is a huge grabber too. I love movies. Looper is going to be a must see on the big screen.

samsara on 09/13/2012

@katiem - I to only recently found out about this movie and the plot got me hooked. Can't wait for it.

katiem2 on 09/13/2012

I had not heard of looper until last night while watching The Voice. What an amazing cast and a thrilling story line. It is def a movie I'll be watching. Time travel is always so cool to contemplate. Thanks for keeping us informed as to the new movie soundtrack releases. :)K

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