Men Who Love Womens Shoes

by katiem2

Many men share a love of ladies and womens shoes enjoying the intense desire to wear heels and pumps themselves and why not?

Today's topic is an open and honest look into why many men love women's shoes. This love does not involve the love of said shoe on a woman's foot, but their own, yes that's right men wearing shoes for ladies! Really how different is it from we girls slipping into our boy friends clothes?

This is a no judgment zone from which we take a practical and honest look into why perfectly normal and straight men love wearing women's shoes.

Men wearing high heels have yet to become the next big thing, unless you're a rock star, cross dresser or female impersonator and yet many an average run of the mill man loves wearing ladies heels, pumps and shoes of all types.

The Shoe Diva in Men

Most all of us have a little show diva in us, regardless if in your face or behind closed doors and men are no exception, men love women's shoes.

While most of us have fantasized about being a rock star the desire to wear heels encompasses more than the desire to rock out on stage.

Many men are wearing heels for an entirely different passion as their love of shoes is far reaching and provocative?

Shall we explore deeper into the world of men wearing women's shoes?

Come along now; don't be shy, if you dare?

Fantastic Metro Shoes

Men and the Addiction to Shoes

Shoes are a long standing addiction for many a living breathing being with two feet.

Despite the often discomfort of wearing high heels, men who are brave enough to do so have learned the addictive allure and attraction. The pull being the way they make you feel. It may have begun the first time you played dress up with your sister or comically pranced around in your girls pumps showing her it's not so hard. Something happens to a person once they slip into a shiny pump.

Many men are now learning the way these shoes have made us women feel for years. These very men run the risk of falling victim to the same addiction we face.

Could the empowerment and freedom of wearing a pair of heels leave men with the same shoe addiction as we women hide within our own forbidden shoe closet? It's time we all come out of the closet and talk about our love of shoes.

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Secrets of Men Who Love Woman's Shoes

Men have long wondered about the many mysteries of being a woman

The truth is men have marveled over the obvious, female only traditions for centuries and the longing to experience these for themselves often starts with a simple question easily answered.

What does it feel like?

Honestly, this female reporter says, "What's not to love about shoes?"

First clear your mind, is your mind clear and free of preconceived notions?

Good, we can proceed. I myself am a girly girl loving all things feminine, pretty and frilly.

I do however love wearing my man's dress shirts, socks and often his jeans. There's just something intoxicating about his loose fitting jeans falling off my body.

It's a nice escape, however temporary, into another world of the opposite sex.

With that in mind, and considering your desire to wear your mans things, imagine why a man might enjoy wearing your things, perhaps your shoes.

This got me thinking, if I enjoy wearing my man's clothes and all the while have intense emotions and desires for him, why couldn't this go both ways?

Life would not be the same without the style and ease of the woman's clog. Take a peek at the trendiest styles in ladies clogs and mules in style again.

The Classic Pump

Childhood Dress up Memories

There is also the amazing dress up fun kids experience as children, how often did you wear the clothes of the opposite sex?

We all know many men just never grow up, could the love of women's shoes be related to a Peter Pan personality?

Lets face it some people are more opened minded than others and struggle with little to no inhibitions when it comes to exploring such things as wearing women's shoes.

Many people tend to stick with the status-quo while others are always questioning and exploring the world around them.

The mysteries of women have long been an interest to many, if not most men.

Men Who Love Women's Shoes

More and more parents are choosing to allow their little boys to play dress up as apposed to deterring those who love doing so.

It's amazing to me that others wonder why many men love collecting women's shoes and even wearing women's clothes. We don't have to be in agreement, but certainly the diverse likes and desires of our blended cultures, races and sexes no doubt leaves us with a very mixed bag of unique people.

Role playing is a natural human function. In a diverse human population that has highly evolved, one might think we've gotten past judgments of others choices. I for one feel we have. However, the curiosity of such choices may raise wonderment in the recesses of others minds and therefore the questions!

The most rugged of men have worn Cowboy boots for ages and yet the heel of a cowboy boot has long been considerably higher than those of the standard men's footwear.

We do love a handsome man in a pair of Cowboy boots do we not?

I for one love a well groomed man dressed to the nines and in fact adore the high fashion male run way models. They are so hot and look fantastic finely groomed, dressed strutting their stuff about. I for one always note the shoes a well dressed man wears.

Cowboy Boots for Men Who Love Women's Shoes

Flats are once again all the rage in fashion footwear trends, they are hotter than ever begging all the more how do we wear flats. Learn what looks great with flats.

Men's Casual Sandals for Women's Shoe Lovers

The History - Men in Womens Shoes

History supports mans love of ladies shoes.

History paints a supportive story of men wearing a more feminine sandal or shoe as is common practice in our modern society. In fact fashion has grown to express a more masculine appeal as that of our ancestors. Men once wore wigs, dresses, skirts, fine silks and more delicate fabrics.

Do forgive me, my most beloved Scottish men still wear kilts, there is nothing sexier than a man in a skirt, in my opinion. The Scots have no problem displaying their masculinity in such garments.

Who's to say we can't take a u turn back into a more delicate world of fashion?

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Women's Metro Shoe Fashions

The most recent trend in men’s fashions is a phenomenon known as metro sexual dress.

This is a prominent trend many a hipster embraces.  This is a fashion trend that has been on the rise for years and is certain to stay the course. This trend setting look has great appeal among women as they find it both sexy and pleasing to enjoy a well groomed or more highly maintained man.

This is a fashion trend promoting, creating and embracing men wearing the latest and hippest styles with a more feminine edge if you will.

This trend also supports a more intense grooming routine for men whereas they spend more attention to hair removal and grooming in all areas including nails, hair and skin.

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It's still to be seen if a major run on high-heeled loving men surface making for a new fashion trend.

While its true most men long to have their feet in a flat comfy shoe you will no doubt take note of many a fashion forward men changing things now that I've brought it to your attention.

Many men are bringing the more historical noble look back to the forefront once more as the heels begin to rise and take notice.

Enjoy your fashion freedom and exploration.

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

Shoe Conversion Chart

Learn the size you need in shoes comparing mens to womens sizes.

I've included a conversion chart to better help you understand the correct womens size for you.

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Chat about men who love women's shoes

katiem2 on 10/06/2014

ivanlovesflats, great to read your post Ivan :)K

ivanlovesflats on 07/28/2014

As usual Katie, I love your article, I only own 2 pairs of medium heel mules and as you know I love flats and women sandals. Women shoes' designers have more creativity and for example balet flats not only are really comfortable and practical shoes you can fine a huge variety of shapes , colours and prices. Men shoes are boring, there is no imagination from shoe designers, same boring neutral colors, similar shapes and if you don't wear socks with them, they will hurt a lot. Much comfortable and happier wearing my ballerinas barefeet with my men outfit than wearing heavy and too close men shoes, and finally I don't care what people thinks about my sexual orientation, I dress for me not for others and I wear what I feel comfortable and I like to wear ;) Have a wonderful day !!

Luke on 06/23/2014

I will defiantly be getting some now I have my eyes of a couple of pairs of leather heel boots to die for they are

Luke on 06/23/2014

I will defiantly be getting some now I have my eyes of a couple of pairs of leather heel boots to die for they are

katiem2 on 06/23/2014

Kylewoods, You are so right, shoes do not define a person and yet ( how bad am I) they do define a great outfit... Women's designs offer a greater array of options coordinating with the fashion forward anybody. Just putting it out there.

katiem2 on 06/23/2014

Luke, Oh be warned when you get into boots you will find a whole other love, I SO love boots, I am rather addicted to them. The tall narrow rain boots are SO in style, now that I've told you, the notice will be HAPPENING! Just saying, love Love LOVE THEM!

Luke on 06/15/2014

Hi I absolutely love womens shoes right now I have 5 pairs of heels looking to buy some boots hopefully soon I just love having them on my feet even if it's just sitting down and looking at them

Kylewoods on 05/15/2014

I love my flats and heels and have been wearing for many years the shoes don't define the person. I'm straight and have been married for 12 years and my wife has always supported me wearing women shoes I find thiers much more to choose from and you can dress anything up with a simple flat or heels but mens shoes are all the same know colour or fun. Yeah I get the odd comment but who care their only shoes so do what makes you happy and enjoy the footwear that you want to wear not what your told to wear.

katiem2 on 04/23/2014

Fluertg, I agree the fluidity of motion while wearing high heels is intoxicating. I was in Iowa the past 4 days and had the pleasure of viewing a drag show the high heels were sky high. It is always a delight to watch the drag queens maneuver them so eloquently.

katiem2 on 04/23/2014

keith, good ideas about smart and practical fashion footwear.

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