Organizing a Mardi Gras Party- Tips and Ideas for Fat Tuesday Home Party

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Mardi Gras Party at home can be a fun affair if you plan it in advance. Organise the guests lists, food menu, games, party favors beforehand. Add masks,beads, hats in decor.

Mardi Gras is perhaps one of the most exciting and enchanting events which the world waits for every year. It has almost everything- fun, frolic, jest, dance, music, emotions and drama.

While the Carnival season is mostly associated with New Orleans but it is also popular in several other cities like Louisiana, Rio Di Janeiro, Quebec City, Alabama and many more. The carnival season is said to begin on 6th January i.e. 12 days after Christmas.

The festive mood and the zeal to look their best in amazing and unusual costumes reign supreme. There are masks, beads and parties ruling the atmosphere. The Mardi Gras party is one of the most anticipated one and these are mostly drawn across a theme.

So, if you are thinking of hosting a Fat Tuesday Party and wish to invite your fellow and friends, you need to have the unique party ideas and invitations ready. There are some other essential things to be done like planning the menu, games, costumes as well as the guest list.

Remember you don’t have to be in New Orleans if you wish to throw a party- it can be organized anywhere but to make it memorable you need to add the essence of Mardi Gras to it. So here we go…………

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Amazing Mardi Gras Party Accessories

Mardi Gras Centerpiece Party Accessory
Mardi Gras Centerpiece Party Accessory
Mardi Gras Centerpiece Party Accessory
Mardi Gras Centerpiece Party Accessory
Mardi Gras Door/Wall Panel Party Accessory
Mardi Gras Door/Wall Panel Party Accessory

Organising the Mardi Gras Party

Let you be the Host

If you wish to enjoy the midwinter holiday celebration with lots of bright colors, fun and amazing dishes then there is perhaps nothing better than hosting a Mardi Gras Party. It has the flavors of almost everything in it.

The day is celebrated world over on the day before Ash Wednesday as a way to indulge and enjoy before the start of the Lent. You can organize a simple or an extravagant party depending upon your budget and choice. The official colors of the party are Purple, Green and Gold so it is always best to incorporate these in your décor and costumes. 

Decorating Your Home with the Fat Tuesday Accessories

Remember the party is all about masks and beads so you can always scatter beads in different areas and place masks on walls of the house. Try putting balloons, streamers and doubloons which make amazing Mardi Gras party decoration accessories.  

On arrival you can give your guests masquerade masks to wear. You can choose from beaded masks, ceramic masks or just go with the feather masks. It is always good to be dressed in Mardi Gras Costumes since it will make the party even livelier.

If a few of friends don’t wish to wear the party dress then at least encourages them to wear the masks and beads. A wacky wig too would be a nice addition to the list of things worn.

Menu for the Fat Tuesday Party

Placing Delicious Food on the Table

Always plan the menu in advance and this too should be in tandem with the Fat Tuesday celebrations only. It is always good if you choose to serve the traditional New Orleans dishes. Some of the most popular recipes which are served the most in a Mardi Gras party includes:

Louisiana Jambalaya


Red Beans Creole

Cajun Snack Mix

Mardi Gras King Cake

French inspired desserts are always loved a lot in these parties. So, try to make bread pudding with bourbon sauce or bananas foster. Your guests will truly appreciate these.

Thinking of Playing Some Games at the Party?

The Mardi Gras party can be made even more livelier if you add a list of games to be played. These could simply add more fun and set the mood high. There are multitudes of party games to begin with.

You can simply start with a mask station where you can ask your guests to make amazing masks for themselves. You can just provide them with the necessary things needed like feathers, sequins, glitters. When everyone has finished just let all of them vote for the best.

Mardi Gras Costume Contest too would be an enthralling one. Just ask your guests to vote for the one who is wearing the best costume. But make sure each one is dressed differently- jesters, pirates, clowns etc. You can crown the best dressed male and female as the Kind and Queen of your party.


Mardi Gras Party Favors

The Best Way to Thank Your Guests

It is always considered to be a nice gesture if you gift your guests with something they can take back home. This speaks of your love and care towards them and your friends too would think that you have been really elated to have them at your home. So, what are the gift options available?

You can always purchase the Mardi Gras party favors beforehand so as to avoid last minute haste.  You can choose masks, beads, hats, gold coins and swirls as some of the party favors which will be within your budget too. 

You can also gift them a personalized candy jar which you can fill with Mardi Gras colored candy. Yet other interesting gift options are swag bags, Mardi Gras Boa, Crown Glasses,  Confetti Horn, Toss Coins, Mardi Gras Mask with Feather Boppers, Stickers and Magnets.

Well, if I say the list is endless then yes it definitely is. The idea is to let your guest feel the best and make him happy. This little gift is your way to thank them that they came to your house.

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Mardi gras festival at New Orleans is one of the biggest tourist attractions. It is also known as Fat Tuesday and is said to have pre Christian origin. Come be a part of carnival
Mardi Gras and Masks go hand in hand. You might wear any type of costume at the carnival but to enjoy the true spirit of the festival, you need to wear a mask be it of any type.
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