Printable Play Money Templates For Kids

by Lilymom

Kids will have hours of fun with this printable, bright,funky play money.

These free play money templates were created with "fun" in mind. They come in five vibrant colors that are sure to grab any child's attention and will make learning to count or budget an enjoyable learning activity. They are easy to use and can be used at home or in the school classroom.

Its very simple to use these printable play money templates. All you need to do is click on the template to enlarge the dollar. Right click. Save to your computer and from there you can edit the size. Print as many as you need or want. Then the fun begins.

Printable Play Money Activities

What can you do with printable play money?

Counting Games

Using play money for counting games is a great activity for kids.   Kids can mix and match or swap colors back and forth, then count what they have in their hands.  They can also use it to help solve simple addition and subtraction problems to make math homework a little more interesting.

Privilege Dollars

Kids can earn these dollars when doing chores or exhibiting positive behaviors that parents are trying to reinforce.  After this play money is earned, they can redeem them for extra privileges, or little prizes.

Pretend Shopping

Kids can take turns being the shopper and cashier for this activity.  The shopper learns to pay for their goods with their printable play money and stay within their budget.  The cashier learns how to add prices and make change when needed.


Blue Play Money

Blue Play Money
Blue Play Money

Pink Play Money

Pink Play Money
Pink Play Money

Green Play Money

Green Play Money
Green Play Money

Purple Play Money

Purple Play Money
Purple Play Money

Yellow Play Money

Yellow Play Money
Yellow Play Money

Want To See More Free Printable Play Money Templates?

The printable play money templates on this page are only a few of the free play money designs that I offer.  If you like what you see here and would like to view some of my other designs, please check the links below.  All of the colors I use are similar but some templates offered have more colors and can be edited to suit your own needs. 

More Play Money Designs By Lilymom

Printable Play Money
Printable and free, these play money templates come in eight different colors. The denomination field is blank and can be filled in the way you want. You can even add your child's picture in the middle to personalize their money.

Totally Free Printable Play Money
From my blog comes more free printable play money. Bright colors but a simple layout. All you need to do with these templates is save, edit size, and print.

Printable Play Money For Kids
Free play money templates that come in five different colors but two different styles per color. You can choose to print the finished pretend money or you can edit the denomination fields yourself. If you want, print both!

Play Money To Buy

Melissa & Doug Play Money Set

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Play Money: Coins and Bills Tray

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The Learning Journey Kids Bank Play Money Set

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Yes, You Can Make Your Own Play Money

Would you like to create your own printable play money?  Or help your kids make some?  Its simple, fun, and can be addicting.  All you need is editing software for your computer like adobe photo shop and you are good to go.  Currently, I am using my old Microsoft Digital Image Suite program and that works fine as well. 

When designing your own play money, you are basically working with shapes.  Start with a basic rectangle and then get creative as you add more shapes and colors.  It won't take long and you will have your own play money to print.

Adobe Photoshop Elements For Creating Printable Pretend Money

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 [Download]

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A Tip For Getting More Bang For Your Pretend Bucks

If you want to make sure your printable money can withstand a bit of wear and tear so that you won't be printing and reprinting often, you can cover the dollars with contact paper or laminate them.

I use contact paper on both sides and then cut around the dollars.  This makes them a little thicker and protects them from ripping.  It will not protect them from water damage as the water will seep in where the paper comes together so if you want a better seal, laminating your printable play money works better.

Protecting Your Play Money

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More Places To Find Free Printable Play Money

Activity Village/Printable Play Money
Printable play coins and money in US and UK currency. Realistic looking money that would be great for the classroom.

Printable Kids Play Money Templates
Templates include personalized money so your child can have his or her picture on their money, dinosaur, realistic, and smiley face.

Printable Fun Play Money
Play money that is free to download and print. Various colors and denominations with a cartoon smiley guy.

Kids Money Farm
Editable play money that is free to print. Styles include smiley face, realistic, dino, puppy, Bible bucks,and add your face.

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