Raised Garden Bed Kit

by CherylsArt

In all my adventures at gardening, using a raised garden bed kit was and is the most enjoyable.The kit is easy to assemble, and it's easier to garden.

With a raised garden bet, there is less kneeling. Also, since I used a kit that is made of a heavy duty plastic, there has been less problems with ground insects. Adding new fresh garden soil to the enclosures, makes the soil easy to work with. The tiers help all the plants to get better sunlight. I wish they had been around years ago, but am glad they're available now.

I like gardening from a tiered garden

Over the years I have tried many adventures in gardening. With most of them, I decided it was too much work for the results and opted to purchase my produce from the grocery store and or local farmer's market.

A years ago, while I was out and about, I saw a tiered garden advertised at a local garden store. My interest was piqued again. I thought, "This could work. No wood to rot. I can stand to do most of the gardening. Yes, I'm ready to give gardening another go."

This is the garden bed kit that I used. It has a lower tier and an upper tier.

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The beginnings of my tiered garden.

I assembled the kit and placed it in a brick enclosure that I already had.

The tiered garden kit that I purchased gives a four square foot garden area. I decided to build mine within a bricked in flower bed that I already had.

When built according to the instructions, it provides two tiers of gardening space.

I filled mine with approximately 23 cubic feet of miracle grow garden soil.

I planted marigolds to help deter any pests.

New plants have been added to my garden bed.

My plan is to go organic with this venture.

I started a row of carrot seeds in the back of the first tier. When they were an inch or so high, I planted a second row from seeds. I will plant a third row once they are also an inch higher or more, and will continue planting carrots in the first tier and harvesting them as long as the growing season lasts.


In the top tier, I planted two sweet basil plants in the front, that I purchased from the farmers market. I transplanted two tomato plants, that I started from seed, in the back of the upper tier. I was planning on planting three tomato plants, but I re-read the package and found out that they should be planted three to four feet apart. So I decided to give them some extra space.

This is the garden soil that I used.

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More on garden progress

So far I like my tiered garden bed. With lots of new soil, it's easy to weed whenever something new pops up. I can easily stand on my old garden bed wall to easily water (with a watering can), and to weed. I like that things are easier to reach.

With the tiered levels, I think the plants benefit more as well. The sun more easily reaches all the plants. The plants are arranged so that the tallest ones are in the back.

Year two of my Raised Garden Bed

What I learned and what I'm doing different.

Spring is here and it's nice having the tiered garden bed already in place, so this year I can get an earlier start.

I started my tomato, sweet basil, and parsley plants indoors; one each. Perhaps it was due to the Miracle Grow Garden Soil, but I found out that one tomato plant fits best in a tier rather than two. It grew pretty big.

Also, one each of parsley and sweet basil is plenty for the other tier. Perhaps if you're one who eats the herbs a lot, you could plant more. I tend to let mine grow and then fix a batch of Pesto, so I use larger amounts rather than just for a little seasoning. If you like pesto. you can check out my recipe for it in the sidebar on the right.

This year, I've planted lettuce seeds and radish seeds directly in the garden, where the marigolds were. This is in the non tier part of the garden. I decided to increase my vegetables and not have the flower section this year. I'm in to eating more salads, so radishes and lettuce will be a good addition.

I like growing a variety of things in my garden. Here are some of my favorites.

Oregano is a nice choice because it's a perennial.
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Year three of gardening

In year two, I added another tiered garden bed kit.

The tiered gardening system is working out for me. This is the longest so far that I have kept at gardening. The photo is from year two, and you can see the humongous tomato plant in the back It grew so large, that it kept growing over the basil.

Since I decided not to eat so many tomato sandwiches this year, I'm going to give sweet potatoes a go, instead. My sweet potatoes from the grocery store actually did sprout. I removed the slips, put them in water until they rooted, then transplanted them in soil. I've kept them in pots and am waiting for the weather to stay warm, before planting them in the garden.

I planted marigolds in the front this year; better to have less pests. I planted a blueberry bush in the back row of the second garden bed. I use the front tier of that one for various things, such as spinach. The sweet potatoes will go there when I'm finished harvesting the spinach for the season.

Tiered Garden Beds

Some of the sweet potatoes on my kitchen counter had sprouted.

Just for fun, I cut the bottom half off of one, lengthwise, and set it in a dish of water in my window sill.

Low and behold, it grew roots from the bottom and stems and leaves continued to grow from the top.

Encouraged by that, I purchased another sweet potato and cut it in half across the middle and sat those in another dish with water.

After they grew for awhile I did some searching, and read about planting the slits. The slits are actually the stem and leaf sprouts. I hated to say good-bye to the roots, but I was willing to take the next step.

I gently twisted the slits off and stood them up in the water, careful to keep the leaves up out of the water. Low and behold, they grew roots. Yay.

Once they got big enough, and the weather improved, I transplanted them into two pots. I had two plants in two pots. On cold nights, I brought them back in to the house.

Once the weather was relatively warmer, and the plants were getting to big to put back in the window sill, I covered them up with a fabric shower curtain on the frosty nights. They did well.

So then it was just a matter of time of harvesting the spinach, so that the sweet potatoes would have a place in the garden. Well I harvested the spinach, and enjoyed several meals of sauteed spinach with scrambled egg. And I transplanted the sweet potatoes in to their new place in the garden. I mounded up the soil making a hill where they are planted.

They seemed to have known that they've moved to bigger digs. Even the smallest of the plants has quickly gotten bigger.

sweet potatoes planted in the garden



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CherylsArt on 05/28/2013

Thank you dziomek for sharing, and mentioning about plants not to plant together. Some plants are complementary to one another and fair better when planted near each other. An easy search on the web for the plants in question and the word complementary should lead you to the answer.

dziomek on 04/19/2012

I love gardening, and put in some raised beds two years ago. I want to make them deeper this year, and would also like a greenhouse. I have the perfect fertilizer this year...alpaca pellets. Just remember...zucchini and watermelon should not be planted in the same bed. :)

CherylsArt on 06/19/2011

I agree with you Sheila; the smaller garden is definitely more doable. The first batch of carrots will be ready to pick soon. We've already had two dinners of fresh homemade pesto. The tomato plants are blossoming.

sheilamarie on 06/19/2011

I like the idea of growing many things in a small space. I'm fortunate to have the space for a very large garden, but I think maintaining a garden this size is more doable. You are less likely to become overwhelmed with the work. Good luck with this project. I hope you get to eat lots of carrots, basil, and tomatoes!

CherylsArt on 06/17/2011

Thanks Vikk, that's good to know. My plants are looking very well with the Miracle Grow. Thank you Pukeko.

Pukeko on 06/17/2011

Your raised garden bed looks great.

vikksimmons on 06/12/2011

I've been pro-Miracle grow for thirty years. They are the best. Nice beds.

CherylsArt on 06/05/2011

I've since added a Cardinal Wind Spinner. It goes really well with the marigolds.

WebWriter on 06/05/2011

So pretty and creative.

CherylsArt on 06/01/2011

A major difference between the tiered garden and growing in pots, is that the tiered garden sits on ground, so there is no bottom of the pot for the roots to reach.

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