Raspberry Pi - the mini computer not the dessert Raspberry Pie

by 2uesday

Raspberry Pi - not pie, the Raspberry Pi is a mini computer,small enough to fit in your pocket. This page will help you find out about the Raspberry Pi and includes useful links ..

If like me you are curious when you hear about something new but want it explained in a way you can understand easily and quickly then this is the right place to find out a little more about the cleverly named - Raspberry Pi.
Here too are links to useful web pages about the design and sale of the device.

This is an article put together to explain the Raspberry in an easy to follow
way to those who like the writer are not computer experts.

The How and Why of The Raspberry Pi.

Whose idea was this and what does it look like?

 The Raspberry Pi concept was thought up by David Braben a games developer and his colleagues.

At the moment the device looks like a cross between a circuit board and a large USB stick. See the Raspberry videos for examples and prototypes.

See further down the page for how to order a Raspberry Pi.

An introduction to the Raspberry Pi.

If in the future a school aged child says "The school are giving me a Raspberry Pi - e ." 

The chances are that the school is not handing out free desserts but that they are going to benefit from a great idea to help kids learn how computer programming works.

No longer will the word raspberry be a sign of contempt, as in to blow a raspberry at someone.

Why is it called the Raspberry and What Will it Do?

Why would anyone call this device a Raspberry Pie?

The device is actually called the Raspberry Pi. 

Maybe the makers are hoping it will be as successful as the Apple and the Blackberry both of which have become part of the language of our day to day life.

What is the Raspberry Pi ?

This article is a collection of useful information as an introduction to what it is - so far.

This device will possibly be smaller than your key fob you carry with you day to day.

It will eventually be used in schools to introduce the concept of computer programming to school aged children.


The Raspberry Pi will be a way to introduce school children to programming computers.

The device will enable programming to be taught in the classroom to school children in Britain.

The Raspberry Pi will hopefully be used to introduce British school children to programming skills in an interesting and affordable way.  The intention is to enhance the computer science curriculum in schools and make children more aware of how programming works.

The Raspberry device uses a processor similar to the type already used currently in smart phones. It also has a memory chip and Ethernet port and USB ports.

A Raspberry will need to be connected to a keyboard,mouse and screen all of which should be cheaply and easily available. Just think how many people discard these still functioning items when they upgrade their existing technology.

Once the Raspberry is plugged into a keyboard, mouse and screen, you will able to use the Raspberry software to write your own code.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charitable organisation and the director is Dr. Eben Upton.

Update - 2013 Rapberry Pi Manufactured in the UK..

Good news, the manufacture of the Raspberry Pi has come home and it is now being made in Wales at the Sony Plant.

Raspberry Pi production moves to Wales from China, BBC News this is a link to a BBC news article.

What does a Raspberry Pi Look Like?

More info on the Raspberry Pi.

Links for useful sites for updates on availability.

A sites to read technical details of the Raspberry Pi and to register to get updates on how to order one.

RS Site.


Latest info on this - Raspberry Pi the launch.

February 29th 2012 - the Raspberry Pi went on sale  for the first time -

 Cabume (Cambridge Business Media) Report on the launch.

This page has a diagram of the device.

How to get started with the Raspberry Pi this is a link to a page with a how to video by Robert Mullins, includes a demonstration of the device.

Robert Mulllins Raspberry Pi Foundation.

How to find out more about the Raspberry Pi.

A Link to a page with answers to FAQ's about the Raspberry PI.

A link to a page with FAQ about the Raspberry Pi.
A useful page with answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Rapberry Pi - both types of questions are answered in the FAQ at the link - the basic ones and some technical information too.

Raspberry Pi - A Linux tutorial to follow online for the Rasperry Pi.

To Read More info about the Raspberry Pi here are some useful links.

University of CambridgeComputer LaboratoryRobert MullinsRaspberry Pi
A University of Cambridge a page about Raspberry Pi

Where can you get a case for a Raspberry Pi?

Link to place to order cases.

Here is a place where you can place an order for a case for your Raspberry Pi -

Link for Raspberry Pi cases   

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2uesday on 02/20/2013

Thank you, it is always nice to find out about good ideas.

Guest on 02/20/2013

I keep seeing articles about this, and the projects you can create, so I've been curious. Thanks for putting it all together in one place so I can learn more.

2uesday on 03/04/2012

Thanks Kate I got an email to say they will contact me when they have a batch of Rapsberry Pi 's are ready to be dispatched. It is always fun to learn something new and I like the idea behind this project.

katiem2 on 03/01/2012

Cool heads up on the tech front, myself and my two tech savvy daughters love to keep up with the evolving world of technology. Great review thanks

2uesday on 03/01/2012

I have added my name to the contact/waiting list. I like the idea of learning more about how a computer program works and I have a lot of catching up to do with the subject. I bet the children will love this and some of them will come up with ideas I would not even dream of. The video of the ways you can the Raspberry Pi it is really informative.

TerriRexson on 02/29/2012

We weren't quick enough to buy one of the first batch this morning, but we're getting one. I'm in two minds about it, it seems much more complex than the Sinclair Spectrum I learned to code on. But we should be able to to get our boys involved in some fun projects with it. Not that we're lacking in tech kit around here ...

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