Ripple Crochet Baby Afghan Pattern

by bev-owens

Free instructions for crocheted baby afghan in the ripple pattern.

Crochet a Baby Afghan For A Gift

The Ripple pattern is easy to do

If you are looking for an easy pattern to crochet a baby afghan as a gift or for one of your babies, you have come to the right place. In the paragraphs to follow, I will give you the list of supplies that you will need along with the easy directions to make an afghan like the one shown at the right.

I created this pattern to crochet an afghan for my newest granddaughter that is due to arrive in August 2011. The pink and the greens will go nicely in the nursery. You can choose the three colors that will work best for your baby or the baby that you plan to gift with this traditional styled blanket.

Crocheted Baby Afghan
Crocheted Baby Afghan

Basic Stitch For This Baby Afghan To Crochet

and the supply list

I kept this design simple with only two basic crochet stitches. The chain stitch and double crochet stitch. Basically except for the first row of chain stitch the entire afghan is done in the double crochet stitch and worked to make the ripple or wave design.

What you will need:

  • Crochet Hook (I used a Susan Bates F5)
  • Color One Yarn (I used Baby Bee in Boo Pink) 416 yards
  • Color Two Yarn (I used Baby Bee in Naked) 624 yards
  • Color Three Yarn (I used Baby Bee in Pink Baby Camo) 416 yards

Baby weight yarn, no matter who the manufacturer is, really works the best when making a baby afghan. I also recommend staying with the same brand for the colors so that the overall look and feel are uniform.

If You Are A Beginner In Crocheting....

here is a video to show you how to make a double crochet for your baby afghan

Crochet Directions For My Ripple Baby Afghan

With Color Number 1 (mine was pink) chain loosely 168 chains.

Row 1: 2 Dc in fourth ch from hook, dc in next 5 chs, skip next 2 chs, dc in next 6 chs, * 3 dc in next ch, dc in next 6 chs, skip next 2 chs, dc in next 6 chs; repeat from * across to last ch, 2 dc in last ch: 166 stitches.

Row 2: (Right Side) Ch 3 (this counts as your first dc now and throughout the pattern), turn; work in the Back Loops Only, 2 dc in next dc, dc in next 5 dc, skip next 2 dc, dc in next 6 dc, * 3 dc in next dc, dc in next 6 dc, skip next 2 dc, dc in next 6 dc; repeat from * across to the last stitch, 2 dc in last stitch.

Rows 3 & 4: Repeat row 2.

Rows 5 & 6: Slip stitch Color Number 2 (mine was Naked) and work two repeats of Row 2.

Rows 7,8,9,10: Slip stitch Color Number 3 (mine was Pink Baby Camo) and work four repeats of Row 2.

Rows 11 & 12: Repeat row 2 in Color Number 2.

(Row 2 is repeated throughout the rest of the design in this pattern:)

4 rows of Color 1

2 rows of Color 2

4 rows of Color 3

6 rows of Color 2

2 rows of Color 1

2 rows of Color 2

2 rows of Color 3

6 rows of Color 2

2 rows of Color 3

2 rows of Color 2

2 rows of Color 1

6 rows of Color 2

4 rows of Color 3

2 rows of Color 2

4 rows of Color 1

2 rows of Color 2

4 rows of Color 3

2 rows of Color 2

4 rows of Color 1

You will have 74 rows once you have completed this pattern. The advantage of using the Double Crochet stitch in this pattern is that it works up faster. Using the back stitch only forms interesting ridges in the pattern on both sides.

Feel free to print this section of instructions to create your own crochet baby afghan.



My Granddaughters Baby Afghan Completed

Crocheted Baby Afghan
Crocheted Baby Afghan
Updated: on 04/21/2014, bev-owens
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Jayma on 09/11/2014

Love this! I'm very much a beginner but I'm about 1/2 way through this and finding your pattern/instructions very clear and easy to follow. It's looking wonderful. My first ever afghan for my first grandchild who is on the way!

Eloise on 09/07/2014

Thank you so much I like this one.

Joyce Gilmer on 07/09/2014

Love this one, starting mine now. Thank you.

bev-owens on 05/06/2014

Oh those colors sound just lovely, Jill Patters! I just love the Sweet 'n Sunny yarn! It should be a sweet little keepsake for that great-granddaughter!

Jill Patters on 05/06/2014

Hi - just starting a new afghan for my soon to be great-granddaughter and I'm using your pattern, but in single crochet. I love your pattern but my granddaughter has chosen peaches and cream for the nursery, so those will be my color choices. The verigated is Bernat Softee Baby Sweet and Sunny and of course the cream and peach colors that match. I love starting a new project - thank you for having this one on the internet. Love it!

bev-owens on 04/21/2014

Ahhh! I left out a step or two...thank you for bringing it to my attention. I have corrected the pattern.

genevamurphy on 04/21/2014

I am new to this, when I am to repeat from * to * in the 2nd row I don't see where I skip 2 chains to make the dip down. Am I suppose to?

Doris on 01/24/2014

Thank you much, that is very helpful! Have a good day! Doris

bev-owens on 01/24/2014

It is difficult to tell you just the size that your afghan will be because that depends on the size hook you use and the weight of the yarn that you use. It will also depend on how loosely or tightly you crochet. Yours should be close to 36 inches wide if you follow the directions in the pattern and use an F5 hook with a baby weight of yarn. You will determine the length by the number of rows that you crochet.

Doris on 01/23/2014

What size is this Baby Afghan ? The ripple pattern? Doris 1/25/2014

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