Robbie Marley

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An article about Bob Marley's son Robbie Marley, a hard man to pin down!

Bob Marley fathered a total of 11 children, 7 of which were sons and most of whom are now well known faces and names globally. Out of the seven Sons of Bob Marley all but one have become famous; Ziggy Marley, Damian Marley, Ky-Mani Marley, Stephen Marley and Julian Marley are all well known and critically acclaimed musicians in their own right. His son Rohan Marley did not pursue a career in music but instead became a professional American football player for the Ottawa Rough Riders. There is one son however who it seems the world knows very little about, Robbie Marley, who has remained firmly out of the spotlight. I decided to have a hunt around the web to see whether or not I can gain any insight into his life or interests, I was mostly curious as to whether Robbie Marley had also inherited the natural musical talent of Bob Marley. I started hunting around for information on Robbie Marley after several online sources had stated that they could find no information whatsoever.

Where Is Robbie Marley?

Well, I can be pretty certain that Robbie Marley is on Facebook, but I would feel uneasy at invading his privacy in such a manner unless it was a formal request for an interview; I wouldn't rule out asking him for one of those though, albeit I would assume that he has been approached on numerous occasions with a similar request. I am limited therefore to simply seeking out stuff which has already been published. What did I know about Robbie Marley? All I really knew before this article is that he was born on 16th May 1972 and named Robert Marley, his mother is Pat Williams. That makes him 38 years of age at time of writing this page. A ferocious Google search led me to an article which stated that Robbie, Ziggy and Rohan Marley had at some stage visited South Africa to complete a motorcycle road trip which was filmed with the intention of being made into a documentary. At the bottom of the article it stated that Robbie Marley is a motorcycle stunt rider who has appeared in various movies performing stunts and that he also owns a retail store of some sort in Miami, Florida.

Finding Robert Marley

Simply knowing that he is a motorcycle stunt rider provided me with all the leads that I needed to compile a decent amount of information about Robbie Marley, it lead me to find a couple of great images (including the one above) as well as some information about his Miami store. I have now ascertained from a feature article that Robbie Marley half owns a small beach store selling clothes and accessories which were synonymous with Bob Marley and the Kingston reggae scene at the time, as well as Cd's, vinyls, and designer clothes from his sister's own fashion range. The shop, known as Vintage Marley, is located at 233 12th St. in Miami Beach. At least, he did up until 2006, I have no evidence that the store is still in business and it doesn't appear to have an online presence.

I also managed to find at least one YouTube video featuring Robbie Marley pulling tricks, which I have embedded to the right; one has good reason to suspect that this video is actually hosted by his own YouTube channel. The one thing that I cannot find is a list of films that Robbie Marley has featured in, quite possibly because it is not conventional to name stunt doubles on IMDb; I have found a trailer for the Marley Africa Road Trip documentary however, hopefully that will be listed on IMBb in the near future with a link to other projects that Robbie Marley has been involved in. Ultimately though, two hours of hunting has shown almost all other online articles about the children of Bob Marley to have been written by slack researchers, by no stretch of the imagination is Robbie Marley some sort of recluse who has shunned the limelight, he is out there to be found by anybody with a little of initiative!

I found a video featuring Robbie Marley!

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