Cheap RV Dinette Cushions Without Sewing A Thing

by frugalrvers

Read our rv decorating tip here, to see how we were able to transform our drab rv dinette cushions into beautiful seating, costing next to nothing, and with no sewing whatsoever!

We gave our older, Fleetwood Bounder motorhome a makeover for very little cost - the key to survival in our frugal rv lifestyle. There was nothing more rewarding than looking at before and after photos, when our hard work was done, and knowing we did it so inexpensively.

But there were some challenges along the way. One of them was the drab camper cushions. They were icky, blah, ugly...whatever you want to call them, but I saw no way around spending money to redo the rv dinette cushions at first. Then I found a solution!

Wondering How To Redecorate That Ugly RV Booth Dinette Cushion?

We Made Camper Dinette Cushions Ourselves, In Minutes!

When we purchased our motorhome, we bought only what we could afford to pay for in cash. We were thrilled with the size and layout of our 1993 Fleetwood Bounder, but so much. It had the original everything, complete with dust, spills, goo and tears. What made it even worse is that the 30 foot "tube" had the exact (ugly) decor on all upholstery, carpet, curtains and more. The endless blah went on forever, when you stood at one end of the rv, staring down the hallway. This wouldn't do.

However, when experiencing cheap rv living, renovating, buying new furniture and buying new upholstery won't do, either. The key to our daily rv living is staying simple, spending little. The cost would have been overwhelming. We eventually did redecorate our entire camper, changing it into a beautiful, warm environment all our own, extremely inexpensively. One of the first items to go was the rv dinette cushions.

Also, our gigantic rv cat, Spot, has attitude, humor and his own blog! Read here how he tells other cats to demand their space at the rv dinette table!

View our before and after photos below!

RV Dinette Photo Before Redecorating

Excuse The Mess In The Photo - We Were Quite Busy
Notice The Dull, Boring Cushions
Notice The Dull, Boring Cushions

RV Dinette Cushions After Redecorating

A Dinette We Actually Want To Sit At
Our RV Cushions Now
Our RV Cushions Now

So How Did We Make These New Camper Cushions?

Quicker And Cheaper Than You Can Imagine In A Cheap RV Makeover

I don't like to sew...I can do it, but I don't like it. I like to stay on the move, so never have been good at things that take time such as baking, quilting, crafts, etc. My daughter (just like her momma), when she was little, made me a pillow by stapling material over a ball of fluff inside (that's my girl!). You get the idea.

When I looked at those upholstered rv cushions, I knew throwing a sheet over them would look ridiculous as well as slide off. But we would never spend money on custom cushions...not our style. I thought back to the day of my daughter and her little stapler, and thought "yes!!!" - I will staple myself some new rv dining table cushions.

Here's what I did: Took off the old upholstery and threw it away. Measured all dimensions of the foam pieces (you can buy new but our foam was fine and, again, we do things for pennies). Bought 1/4" plywood pieces cut to match the 4 foam pieces. Bought $1.00/yard fabric at Walmart (thrift stores are great places to find cool fabric, too). Stretched the fabric out on a table, put the foam in the center, plywood on top of that, pulled up the sides and "zapped" with a staple gun. The End.

It was that cheap and that simple. The nice thing is if we ever get bored with it or stain it, buy a little cheap fabric and do it again!

I've listed a few items below that you will want for this job. Because my fabric was thin (and wood is sharp), I taped all edges of the wood with strong tape, to reduce the risk of ripping.

Hope you enjoyed this tip!! We also learned how to replace the windshield curtain in our motorhome, too! 

What To Buy When Making Camper Dinette Cushions

These Are Materials I Used
Stanley TR150 SharpShooter Heavy Duty Staple Gun

Stanley SharpShooter Staple Gun tr150 Office Tools

$28.80  $13.19
Stanley TRA704T 1,000 Units 1/4-Inch Heavy Duty Staples

Stanley TRA704T Staples TRA704T Printer Staples & Supplies

$5.99  $0.73
Gorilla Glue 6003001 Tough & Wide Tape, 2.88-Inch x 30-Yards

Nearly 3" wide and 30 yards long Double thick adhesive Strong reinforced backing Tough all-weather shell Stocks to smooth and rough, uneven surfaces Gorilla Tape's toughness ...

$14.95  $11.22

Go RVing!

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frugalrvers on 03/01/2014

Hi Erin!
Short answer is that we used Kilz on our wallpaper, then painted over it (it stuck perfectly)...and used flat paint, not gloss. Long answer is our tips/tricks on all of our decorating is at our blog:

Thanks for commenting!

Erin Ens on 02/20/2014

I want to ask about the painting you did! We just bought our first travel trailer for our young family and want to paint the walls covered with what I believe is vinyl wallpaper. From your pictures it looks like yours were similar. I've done tons of research but am a bit scared to choose a method and go for it. May ask how you guy painted the walls of yours? Thanks so much!

frugalrvers on 06/19/2013

I'm so glad you like the idea, Patti! I hope you share your trailer and ideas as they come together! I love looking at other rvers ideas when on a budget...anyone with big bucks can buy decor, but the true artist comes out when you're dealing with pennies!

Patti on 06/19/2013

Love this idea! I am NOT a sew'er by any means and the foam in our 63' Kustom Koach redo was no where to be found. I am cheap as they come so I called on friends (love my network of buddies!) and got some foam bedding. I cut it up and used sheets to cover it, placing safety pins in the seams for now - will be redoing the whole cushion thing next fall when I have time. I love the revamping idea, I have been waiting for years to get a vintage trailer and after patient looking I found the trailer for FREE! I haven't put a cent into it and it is coming along great! Wood flooring is going in today and that was free too :)

frugalrvers on 04/20/2013

Thanks for your comment! Because I am not a seamstress in any way, my "couch redecorating" was simply throws that added oomph to the decor. However, we considered selling the couch and getting a modern, lightweight futon style should consider that! You wouldn't believe what people will pay for the stock sofas that come with rvs. The money you could make from it on craigslist could probably pay for 1/2 of a brand new sofa. Of course, it wouldn't be the type of rv sofa that is bolted to the floor, but it really doesn't matter! That would be my "no sew" suggestion on that! Thanks again for your comment!

SVANDEMOO on 04/19/2013

Thanks for confirming my ideal on the dinette cushions. Do you have any suggestions on how to redo a folding sofa bed that has two cushions splits.

frugalrvers on 10/23/2012

Thanks for your comment! You are correct that you cannot flip the cushions - but we have had no issue with using the same, old foam (really holds up) and whenever in the mood, when I find a cheap sheet or material at a thrift store, sometimes I give the cushion a face lift (takes so little time!). That's the nice thing...if the fabric starts to wear, put new fabric OVER the old fabric. Hope this helps!

nora-leah schachter on 10/22/2012

good idea and so cheap.
i am remodeling a small travel trailer and just took the 30 yr old cover off the foam cushions. foam is actually ok, but haven't figured out how to cover, since i also don't sew. my one concern is that you would not be able to flip the cushions to alleviate wear and tear. does foam react differently and i don't know? or is this not a problem for other reasons? i haven't come up with any way to replace the covers yet...also on a small budget.

frugalrvers on 08/26/2012

Yesssssssss...we are stillllllllllllllllllllll here in Illinois. My sweet daughter did treat me to a week in Glacier Park (our home) at the end of September, to see my I get a taste of heaven...but for now we sit in the brown cornfields :(

cozygirl on 08/26/2012

Why didn't I think of that....perfect! U still in IL? We're not to far :)

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