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America's Main Street: Small Towns Disappearing?
RVing through many rural communities, we've noticed small towns disappearing from America's Main Street. Boarded up businesses and store fronts everywhere you look...
Summer Activities: Start a Community Garden
Community gardens are fast becoming a great way to meet neighbors, educate urban residents about growing fresh vegetables, and get sedentary elderly to exercise and go outside.
Guide to the Benefits of Attending a Community College
Choosing a college can be a daunting task. It is especially daunting for students who aren’t sure what they want to major in.
San Francisco Pride: How one city developed such a thriving LGBT community
The Castro district is one of the first and largest LGBT neighborhoods in the world. How did San Francisco develop such a thriving, proud, and loud LGBT community?
Christmas bargains - Online versus the High Street
Whether you choose to look for Christmas bargains online or along your local High Street is up to you. Both offer some bargains but both have pros and cons.
The Happy Museum Project - Reaching Out to the Community
Many museums are now extremely accessible to people from all walks of life, including the disabled. The Happy Museum Project is taking these positive developments to a new level.
Aladdin Costume - Prince & Street Rat Look
Aladdin costume is great for Halloween or any other occasion. Browse through costumes available from this lovely Disney's animated movie.
Wizzley - the writers' community overview
Are you already making money online or just thinking to start earning money on-line? Are you new to Wizzley.com or you are just about to register?
Occupy Wall Street Will Write Off Your Debt
The Rolling Jubilee initiative buys up bad debts from banks. Instead of hounding poverty-stricken individuals, the debt is automatically forgiven. End of story.
The Graffiti Art Of Street Artist Adam Neate
A look at the fabulous art of street-artist turned normal artist Adam Neate, he paints good stuff.
Runescape Community Communism
Words. Sometimes they trigger shorthand biases in our mind. Communism is one such word. Community is another. That bias can stop us thinking.
Community Gardens Grow Popular
Community gardens are growing very popular in the United States, and many are discovering the benefits they provide that go beyond produce.

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