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How to Use Acrylic Paints
Acrylic Paints are different to water paints and oil paints. Therefore, you need to use them in a different way. Learn how to use Acrylic Paints.
12 Art Supplies and Materials for Painting with Acrylic Paint
Painting with acrylic paint can be very rewarding. Want to paint with acrylic? Here is a list of art supplies and materials you need to start acrylic painting.
How To Paint With Acrylics
Painting with acrylic paints, a guide of sorts from paints, brushes and acrylic painting techniques with ideas and insights from Artist Wayne Tully.
Unbreakable Drinking Glasses
Tired of broken glassware? Pick up some unbreakable acrylic or polycarbonate drinking glasses, and never replace them again!
Useful Christmas Gift Ideas For Artists
What are the possible useful gifts that you can give to artists for Christmas? What kinds of presents can help artists improve their craft and make their drawing easier for them?
Surrealist Artist Jacek Yerka
Discover Jacek Yerka's world and dive into the out-of-this-world scenery in acrylic paintings of this Polish surrealist.
Artists and Money
For most artists, money is hard to earn. Artists and money, it seems, just don’t go together unless you’re famous. So how can artists change that?
Artist Review: Winsor & Newton Artists Watercolor Chelsea Box Set
If you are looking for a watercolor gift set for a serious watercolor painter, the best choice is the Winsor & Newton Artists Watercolor Chelsea Box Set.
Quit Starving, Artists! Sell Your Goods on Free Classified Ads
Learn about why many are flocking to online resources to find their next purchases, and why buying this way is good for your career and our economy.
How Quick Reproduction destroys Writers, Artists, and Musicians
Easy reproduction of artist’s work has meant that fewer artists can serve greater numbers of the population. This means that fewer artists are needed
How Workers Feed the Stomach, Priests Feed the Spirit, and Artists Feed the Soul
Writers, Dancers, Musicians, Actors, and the general artist community are often asked to work for free. Here's why...
Paula Atwell: Artist, Writer, and Owner of Cleveland Gallery, Lake Erie Artists Gallery
A bit of background about me, Paula Atwell, and what my passions are.

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