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Zero Clearance Fireplaces Are A Great Alternative When A Real Fireplace Isn't Possible
These fireplaces are found in most apartment complexes and newer homes without chimneys now
Outdoor Fireplace Designs Review
You can even find outdoor fireplaces that burn wood, gas logs or propane. Most of them are simple to use and practical to maintain.
How to Hang Christmas Stockings Without A Mantle
If your home is tiny and you don't have a fireplace mantle, there are some unique and creative ways to hang your Christmas stockings so they can be enjoyed all season long.
Which Camcorder with Built In Projector?
An overview of available camcorders and video recorders with a built-in projector so you can easily share and view your videos and photos.
Seth Thomas Antique and Rare Mantle Clocks
Looking for a clock for your fireplace mantle? Seth Thomas Clocks have adorned mantles for generations.
Forestiere Underground Gardens: An Endangered Species
Fresno lies in the middle of California in the San Joaquin Valley amid some of the richest farmland in the nation. It's also home to a unique landmark built by one man.
Retro Christmas Decor | Stories
Go back with me to the good old days with Retro Christmas Decor. What do you remember from past Christmases?
What's Shaking in San Juan Bautista? - The California Town Built on a Fault Line
San Juan Bautista, California has more than it's share of earthquakes, because it's built on top of the San Andreas fault line.
Halloween Party Decorating Ideas
Are you hosting a Halloween Party this year and want to create a spooky atmosphere? Then our Halloween Party Decorating Ideas are going to make for a great event!
Snow Clad Winter Theme Decorations for White Christmas
A snow clad white Christmas decor can be fun and extremely artistic. Bring home a snowy Christmas this year to celebrate the color of winter.
Dogtrot and Other Old Houses
I knew about shotgun houses, but I hadn’t heard about saddlebag or two pen or dogtrot houses. I started doing some reading up on old houses and found some interesting facts.
Distinguished Homes of Shaker Heights, Ohio
Shaker Heights, Ohio is celebrating its centennial this year, and the city has a lot of interesting history and architecture to show for it.

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