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My Family Recipe for Turkey Colcannon: Leftover Turkey Rescued by Traditional Irish Comfort Food
Rescue leftover turkey, including side dishes, by making Turkey Colcannon, my family's favorite variation of the traditional Irish comfort food.
How to Make Charoset for Passover (My Bubbie's Recipe)
Charoset is the food that represents the mortar used for bricks during the time of the Israelite slaves in Egypt, whose freedom is celebrating during the Passover holiday.
Cornbread Recipe for Anyone Who is Afraid of Heights!
Cornbread can be as daunting a prospect as mountain climbing. Here is a cornbread recipe for anyone and it is easily changed; it can be adjusted for any item, any amount and still
Recipe Series: Strawberries in Champagne and Greek Pasta Salad - Easy and Yummy
Are you planning a nice and cozy chamber event at home? Just a few friends coming over, and you don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen, and keep the cost under control?
Recipe Series: Easy Recipe for Upside Down Pineapple Cheesecake
Classic, but very much up to date (and super easy!) recipe for a year-round dessert.
Spaghetti Sauce Recipe
Don't like tea, but want the health benefits? This delicious, thick spaghetti sauce is hiding a healthy secret ingredient - green tea.
No Fuss Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie Recipe
A vegetarian shepherd's pie has way more flavor than the traditional meat variety, and is a lot cheaper to make too. This version is easy to make and is low in calories to boot!
Fast and Tasty Grilled Lime Chicken Recipe
We all know chicken is good for us, but sometimes dreaming up one more way to serve it can be challenging. Whip up this tangy marinade and fire up the grill for a tasty new take.
Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe
Fried green tomatoes are a Southern treat, and so are fried red tomatoes, and they are really good as a side dish for lunch and dinner.
Basic But Devine Yeast Bread Recipe - My Mother's Pride And Joy
If you love the smell of delicious bread cooking, that Hostess bakery smell you can smell from your car, like fresh dounuts baking, then this will knock your socks off!
The Best Chili-Cheese Dog Recipe
The Best Spicy 7 Bean Chili recipe you'll ever eat
This is my recipe for a spicy 7 bean chili. This is a very hearty meat and veggie filled home cooked meal. You can make this recipe as spicy as you would like to.

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