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Who Was Henry Fitzroy?
Henry VIII is famous for his insatiable appetite for women, so probably had love children all over England, but he chose to acknowledge only one illegitimate son: Henry Fitzroy.
Dr Who: The Day of the Doctor 50th Anniversary
It's a television event fifty years in the making. The celebrations have rippled out through time and space, into conferences, documentaries and theater shows.
My Life Didn't End when I was Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I . . . It Got Better
What is it like being Bipolar? What is it like having Bipolar family members? Read on and you'll find out that you are not alone.
Who Was Lady Godiva?
Who was Lady Godiva and did she really ride through Coventry naked?
Was it Murder? The Fate of Iconic Canadian Artist Tom Thomson
On July 8, 1917, Canadian artist Tom Thomson paddled away for an afternoon of fishing in Ontario's Algonquin Park. A few hours later, his empty canoe showed up near the dock.
Who was Jesus
To understand Jesus you must realize that he was a mystery that theology tries to explain with varying degrees of success.
An Unsound Monarchy: Was Edward IV Illegitimate?
If Edward IV's mother really did have an affair with an archer, then Britain's royal family has been compromised since 1485. Elizabeth II has no blood right to be on the throne.
Who Is Banksy? Was Banksy Revealed As Robin Gunningham?
Was Banksy really revealed as a privately educated man named Robin Gunningham from Bristol? Read the answer here.
How Scottish Independence was Given Away
From the Romans to the English, the Scots had managed to repel every threat from south of its border. Until the conquerors came, not with swords, but with a crown.
When Was History?
If historical people move like two-dimensional shadows through isolated events, then you're looking at them all wrong.
Was Thomas Cutbush Jack the Ripper?
New theories as to the Ripper’s identity emerge all the time; a recent entry on the suspect list is a young madman locked up in a mental hospital in 1891.
Who Killed the Red Baron?
Canadian Roy Brown has been credited with shooting down Manfred von Richthofen in April 1918, but research suggests he was brought down by ground fire

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