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How To Calculate Simple Interest
Simple Interest is a very basic calculation to perform. This article will show you the benefits of and basics of how to use the simple interest formula.
APR Annual Percentage Rate
The APR is one of the most misunderstood calculations for mortgage lending and consumer loans. It is the total cost of the loan including finance charges.
How to Calculate Standard Deviation
Step-by-step tutorial for computing the standard deviation of a set of numbers with an example.
How To Calculate The Value Of Scrap Gold
Looking to sell some gold? Learn how to value your own gold to ensure that you don't get ripped off!
Amazon Associates Commission Structure: Payment Tiers Explained
Confused about Amazon Associates payment plans and tiers? This article should tell you everything that you need to know about the ways Amazon calculate your commissions.
Cash Flow Analysis
A Cash Flow Analysis is a method used to calculate a person who has self- employed income, has 1099 income or other income, less expenses to get a bottom line figure.
Return On Investment: Key To How To Invest
Return on investment is the key factor to consider in how to invest. ROI calculations focus your mind on best investments. Comparing ROI rates brings maximum benefits to portfolio.
What is the Work of an Artist Worth?
Many artists of various types struggle to know what to charge for their own work. They are told to charge at the going rate, but what is the going rate?
Talking to Somebody Who is Deaf in One Ear
Unilateral hearing affects a significant percentage of the population. How would you welcome a client or guest with this kind of deafness?
Calculating totals, averages, maximums and minimums using Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel - part of the Microsoft Office software package - can be used to perform numerous statistical calculations which can make it easier for you to analyse your data.
The Journey Begins
I jumped on the WW Bandwagon.... and ate a snickers bar... it was quite tasty.
Water - An elixir of life
How much water does the human body really need? Find out if you drink enough water.

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