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Using media to advance your English skills
Learning a new language can be an exciting and life-changing experience. It can open up doors to new opportunities you may never have considered.
The Full English Breakfast
Our mothers always told us that breakfast was the most important meal of the day; our mothers, as usual, were right
Practice tips that improve Kid’s Ability to Hit a Baseball or Softball
Keep your eyes on the ball, swing the bat hard, and hit the ball are all commonly heard phrases at the ballpark. As Concerned coaches, and loving parents, we simply want to help...
Don't Call it Failure, Call it Practice - a Self-Help Guide to Success
Just because you don't achieve success at the first attempt, it doesn't mean you have failed - success is often a staged process, and the little steps soon add up.
English Bulldogs
Article explaining the origin, temperament, health, and care requirements for owning an English Bulldog.
Practice Photography in your own Back Yard
Your own back yard is a great place to practice your photography skills.
Five reasons why English students enjoy life in Exeter
From music to film to nightclubs, students are never bored while living in Devon’s capital.
The Oddities of English and Other Difficult Languages
Of the world’s approximately 6,000 languages English is said to be one of the easier ones to learn despite its idiosyncrasies of spelling and pronunciation
Mangled English Translations
Tortured translations of local languages into English cause hilarity for tourists and embarrassment for hosts; but, it works the other way round too
Top Gifts for an Online English Teacher
Shop and discover great gifts for an online English teacher; get a quick introduction on online English teaching.
Start Your Own Online English Teaching Business
Teach English online, and make the world your classroom. Here’s what you need to know when starting your own online English teaching business.
English Words with Odd Spellings
English is full of words whose spelling make no sense compared to the way they are pronounced. Rarely are words phonetically spelled.

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