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No-Dig Gardening and Raised Beds - Good for the Soil and Easy for You
You don’t have to strain your back or pull a muscle when gardening. The easy way is to use raised beds and garden without digging at all.
My Experience With Raised-Bed Gardens Using Fabric Pots
I don't enjoy having to dig up the grass to begin a garden bed. I have found the perfect way to avoid doing that by using fabric pots.
Elevated Garden Beds - Raise Vegetables the Easy Way
Elevated garden beds on legs are the easiest way to grow and maintain lush vegetable or flower gardens without bending over, straining your back or kneeling.
Missouri Botanical Garden
Missouri Botanical Garden is a wonderful place for both the nature lover and the photographer. This beautiful garden in St. Louis Missouri was started in 1859.
Starting a Garden : What Tools do You Really Need?
If you are thinking of starting a garden, don't be put off by the drama of not knowing what tools you need. This guide shows you what you really need.
Bunk Beds with a Trundle Bed Underneath
Bunk beds with a trundle bed underneath are a great way to add an extra bed to a kids or teen bedroom for sleepovers without taking up too much space.
Garden Offices
Awesome Alternative to Typical Offices
Selecting the best vegetable garden site
Selecting the best garden site makes it easier to grow your own tasty nutritious vegetables.
How to Build a Rain Garden
A rain garden is a plant pond or garden bed used for channeling rain water away from the foundation of the house.
How to Create a English Style Cottage Garden
Cottage gardens are beautiful blends of colors,shapes and scents. They are places of discovery. The charm of this type of garden is the mix of plants that grow side by side.
Things flower and vegetable gardeners need to know about garden soil
Before April showers can bring May flowers, garden plants require proper soil PH and composition discussed here
Kinds of Garden Structures
Garden Structures can be used to turn a garden into an outdoor living space and so much more. There are many options available for both big and small gardens.

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