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How to Design Fashions for the Fashion Designer Kid
The perfect gift for the creative artist who loves designing clothes. Crayola Catwalk Creations Glam Collection is the hot new toy for the artistic person.
Sixteen Sweet 16 Gift Ideas | Must-Haves for Every Lady
Oh, how she’s grown! Do you have a gift yet? Here are some top sweet 16 gift ideas that the lady in her will surely love.
Indian Wedding Dresses: Timeless Sophistication Combined With Contemporary Chic
Indian wedding dresses offer traditional glamour and ooze femininity. Discover why so many brides to be are turning to India for inspiration when it comes to their wedding gown.
Top Online Fashion Schools in the US
Learn about the different schools and colleges in the US which offer online degrees in fashion designing, and embark your way towards a career in this field.
Beautiful and Elegant Wedding Dresses to Buy Online
Elegance is less about fashion and more about classic style and confidence. These wedding dresses have a timeless appeal that will let the bride's beauty shine through.
What Makes Shakespeare’s Plays Timeless?
Shakespeare’s plays are more popular, and more widely performed, now than they were during the playwright’s lifetime. What is it about his work that transcends the centuries?
Fashion and Fashioning
Our fantasies and dreams directly influence reality. If we made a "closer reading" of reality, maybe we can understand how to make real change.
Why Does Father Ted Hold Such a Timeless Appeal?
A sitcom about three priests living on an island off the West coast of Ireland doesn't sound too promising. But watch it and you'll end up quoting it for the rest of your life!
Vintage and Antique Cameo Jewelry
Vintage and antique cameo rings are very collectible, beautiful to wear, and have timeless fashion.
Fashionable Kate: Fashion Panache via Bold Solid Colors (Blue, Red, Yellow, White)
In her wardrobe Kate displays a fashionable flair for color and style which includes finessing an array of styles for solid colors.
Zandra Rhodes Unseen - Fashion and Textile Museum, London
London's Fashion and Textile Museum is offering a rare opportunity to see designs by Zandra Rhodes, many of which have not been seen since their catwalk debut many years ago.
Snake Rings Add Exotic Glamour to Your Fashion Style
Add a snake ring to your jewelry collection. Here's a great collection of snake rings and great prices!

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