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Decoding - Life Isn't Fair - And Who This Really Affects
This phrase is heard all too often, here's what it means and why people shouldn't say it
Gaudeamus Book Fair in Bucharest, November 2013
We have two major book fairs in Bucharest: Bookfest in spring and Gaudeamus in fall. I try to go every time, because the discounts are worth it.
Can Wizzley Articles Qualify For "Fair or Editorial Use"?
Don't be fooled! Claiming "fair or editorial use" will not work in all cases. Is Wizzley, and other revenue-sharing sites like it, commercial by its very nature?
Palm Sunday Crafts Fair at the Village Museum in Bucharest
By Mira at Wizzley. Crafts, music, food, drinks, and a lot of people visiting the stands and houses of the Village Museum, enjoying the natural setting with trees in blossom.
Fairground Poster Art
At the fair posters and canvas art with merrygorounds and other stalls all photos of the fairground attractions.
Bucharest Before Christmas. Photos from a Walk in Central Bucharest Ending at a Christmas Gift Fair
Herastrau Park in Winter, Romana Square, the Italian Church on Magheru Blvd, the Christmas Gift Fair at Dalles, and more, with lots of photos.
The Lost Frost Fairs of London's River Thames
In 1683 the Thames froze over and a great Thames Frost Fair was held on the ice itself. But despite recent cold winters, especially 2010, the Thames has failed to freeze. Why?
Law Fair and Foul - Mostly Foul
Anyone charged with a serious crime in New York City in the late 19th century wanted only one lawyer to defend them - William F. Howe
Best Daily Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin
Do you have fair and sensitive skin? Nutragena Healthy Defense Liquid Moisturizer is the best sunscreen I have ever tried for my sensitive skin.
Debt Collection
Debt collection harassment is an all too common problem in America, but American citizens can find protection under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).
What Are Hedge Funds?
Ever wondered precisely what a hedge fund is? This article attempts to explain a very complicated financial system in simple terms.
What about the stock market?
Did you ever want to de-mystify the stock market? Can't be all that complicated! and it isn't. Nobody even has to get a head-ache here.

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