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The History of Asian-Fusion Cuisine
Asian fusion cuisine is now found in all major metropolitan areas. It's a delicious blend of East and West.
Canadian Chefs in Conversation: Chef Lorna Murdoch, Winnipeg
Chef Lorna Murdoch showcases local, seasonal ingredients in her cooking at fusion grill in Winnipeg.
Plasma Welders - What They Are And How They Work
Discover how plasma welders work and a little history behind them.
Making Kimchi Pancakes -
Who would have thought that Kimchi has been around for so many ages of century now ever since the dish originated from South Korea.
What to Say On the First Date
First dates can be nerve wrecking, but with a list of things to say on the first date the pressure is gone allowing you to relax and enjoy the date.
Facebook Farmville Tips, Tricks & Cheats
The latest tips, tricks, and cheats for the legendary Zynga game Farmville for Facebook.
Pearl Izumi Attack Short
As a road cyclist, I've owned some nice bibs and shorts. But for an all-around short, the Pearl Izumi attack is hard to beat
Tropical Joe: My Moniker and My Tropical Cooking
Tropical Joe is all about my continuing passion in tropical cooking. I will feature: 1. Home-Cooked Meals 2.Tips on Tropical Cooking 3. Tropical Joe's Signature Dishes
2011 Nissan Altima Review
The 2011 Nissan Altima is the best mid-size family car this year. You have several options in your car selection.
El Vaiven De Mi Carreta: The Guajira Music of Cuba
Cuban guajira music is rootsy, warm and full of different influences from Spain and the African slaves brought to work in the cane fields. It speaks the people's language.
Hemp Bracelets
Various Beautiful Hemp Bracelets
Lenovo Laptops Under 500
Looking for Lenovo laptops under 500? This article examines low cost laptops from Lenovo for all your computing needs.

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