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Easy Ways To Impress A Woman
Here is a little something for the men out there that can't figure out why women won't continue to date them. I would like to give a little friendly advice.
The Woman in Black Movie 2012
The Woman in Black Movie is a gothic horror movie starring Daniel Radcliffe. It's based on a book by Susan Hill.
Movie Review of The Woman in Black (2012)
Daniel Radcliffe, Ciarán Hinds and Janet McTeer star in the latest film adaptation of Susan Hill's classic ghost story.
5 Things I Learned About Life From Dressing Up As A Woman For Halloween
I never thought I'd go through with it...dressing up in "drag" was just about the last thing on the planet I was interested in doing...
The Honourable Woman: BBC Two Political Thriller
Maggie Gyllenhaal stars as Nessa Stein, the title role in The Honourable Woman, an eight-part Middle Eastern political drama due to start on BBC Two on Thursday 3 July 2014.
Gifts for Her - Gotta Have a Handbag
Some great handbag ideas for any woman in your life.
About a Basset Hound Called Charlie: Stories for Children by Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond
First appearing in Ree Drummmond's blog, ThePioneerWoman, Charlie, a basset hound on an Oklahoma ranch, now shares his life in a charmingly illustrated children's books.
I am a Poet
my poetry has been a way to express myself in a creative and artistic way
Waist Cincher for the Postpartum Woman
No time to exercise and watch what you eat and all that, well here's how to get rid of that postpartum belly (at least so it will appear on the surface!)
The Woman in Black: Angels of Death
Hammer Films have commissioned Susan Hill to write the next installment of their block-buster The Woman in Black movie.
A poem with introductory story of a young woman pondering the love that left her and her desire for him.
Turning 50
Today is my 50th birthday. This is a very big milestone birthday in my mind, and it has caused me to think about where I have been and where I am going.

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