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Natural Home Remedies for Sore and Aching Feet
Sore feet can be a real pain in the foot! Here are some tips to help relieve the soreness.
A Great At Home Pedicure Begins with Great Toenail Clippers
High quality toenail trimmers are a necessary tool for the best foot pedicure.
Hand and Foot Reflex Areas for Enhancing Healthy Chakra Energy Flow
Revitalize the seven major chakras via their associated reflex areas on the hands and feet.
Why Home Made Cakes are Better
Nothing beats homemade cakes. Homemade cakes create a lasting memory and show someone just how much you care. Bake a cake today!
Decorate Your Home With Quilts
Quilts are much more than warm bed covers now days. They are a fabric art form that has grown in popularity recently.
Bernina Sewing Machine Feet
Looking for a replacement or additional foot for your Bernina sewing machine? Its still very easy to buy old and new style Bernina feet.
celeBritys4africA and Foot Soldiers are helping Africa
Making Money Online From Home
Surprisingly there are many legitimate ways to earn money online. From odd and end sites that allow you to make a few extra bucks from time to time to full-time income jobs.
Do Good Luck Charms Work?
Do good luck charms work? Some have a very violent and grizzly history. Read here about the origins of the wishbone, rabbits foot, and other supposedly good luck symbols.
Retro Clawfoot Bath Tub
There is just something glorious about taking a bath in a full size old fashioned claw foot bathtub.
Is Your Home Safe for a Deaf Person?
Alarms in your house warn of anything from a fire to a burglary. But what if the only person there is hearing impaired?
Spa Treatments from Home – Cold Feet Remedy
Feet get cold and numb in the winter. Give them a spa treatment to invigorate and warm them.

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