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After Dear Esther, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
The Chinese Room have announced plans for an Apocalyptic story-based game. It's the natural successor to Dear Esther.
Diving with Nitrox - Scuba diving on the safe side
Today, diving with Nitrox is a safe alternative to ordinary compressed air. Nitrox does not do away with all possible dangers, but it can certainly trim down risks.
Insp. Inspector - The Case of the Conjoined Cousins
Insp. Inspector collaborates with colleagues to cleave conjoined cousins.
Cults Of The Religious Kind - Don't Be Fooled
Several ways religion uses to gain power over you and examples of Cults and their Leaders.
The afterlife: what Jesus taught and what developed later
Jesus said something about the afterlife, but much Christian teaching is the product of theological reflection after Jesus' death.
Cool Vintage Toys: "Maskatron": Nemesis of the Six Million Dollar Man
In the mid-1970s "Bionics" were all the rage and Kenner toys "kashed" in with tie-in dolls from the popular bionic-themed television shows.
Big Bang Theory is a Big Joke
Do you seriously think the whole universe, the world, the humans etc came into existence by some balls of explosions out of nowhere? You are deceived!
Eastern Redbud: Spring's Early Pleasing Pastel of Magenta Pink
New World native Eastern redbud is one of the first trees to flower in spring.
Armageddon that didn't happen
Oops, the world didn't end. Again. Despite all the promises that have been made.
Egypt - A Journey to the Past
Take a journey back in time on a cruise of Egypt’s Nile River.
Failed Predictions
The writer H.G. Wells had a knack for correctly predicting the future; the foresight of many others has often been wrong, sometimes humorously so.
JD Robb Books In Order
Here you will find all the JD Robb books in order of publication and in chronological order - all 46 of them currently published or in the works.

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