The 10 Biggest NASCAR Stadiums By Capacity

by ryank

A look at the 10 biggest NASCAR stadiums by capacity, with some awesome images!

NASCAR is a huge sport in America, and as you would expect from a huge sport it has huge stadiums, and huge stadium capacities! Motor speedway venues have capacities which dwarf those of any other sport, including Soccer - officially the most played and watched sport in the world. Ten great stadiums featured on this page!

1. Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, open since 1909, has an astonishing permanent seating capacity of 257,325 and enough temporary infield seating to take the capacity to more than 400,000. The Ashfelt and Brick track is 2.621 miles in length and the lap record is under 1 minutes 39 seconds, set by Honda's Dani Pedrosa in the 2009 Moto GP.

 Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

2. Daytona International Speedway

Daytona speedway has been open since 1959 and has a seating capacity of almost 168,000. The Tri-Oval course used for NASCAR is 2.5 miles in length and the lap record is an astonishing 42.78 seconds, set by Bill Melling in the 1987 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Daytona is one of the most utilised tracks in the world, and home to The Great American Race - the biggest race in NASCAR.

3. Charlotte Motor Speedway

The Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina seats some 115,000 people and features a 1.5 mile long track. It also has room for a further 50,000 spectators infield. The track is considered the 'home' of NASCAR, with 90% of teams being based within 50 miles of the Speedway. The lap record is 24.49 seconds, set by Tony Steward in the IndyCar series of 1998.

Charlotte Motor Speedway
Charlotte Motor Speedway

4. Bristol Motor Speedway

The Bristol Motor Speedway was constructed in 1960 and has a capacity for 160,000 seated spectators. Despite this large capacity, the track itself is very small in relation to other NASCAR courses - at just 0.553 miles in length. Despite the size, Bristol is very popular for its many unique features.

5. Texas Motor Speedway

The Texas Motor Speedway has a capacity of 154,861 and is very modern in comparison with other tracks, having been built in 1996. The 1.5 mile long track, which is very similar in layout to the Atlanta Motor Speedway and Charlotte Motor Speedway, has a lap record of 23.136 seconds.

Texas Motor Speedway
Texas Motor Speedway

6. Talladega Superspeedway

The Talladega Superspeedway has a track length of 2.66 miles, making it the longest NASCAR track. The venue has a capacity of 143,000. The Asphalt course has a lap record of 44.998 seconds, set by Bill Elliott during the 1987 NASCAR Sprint Cup series. The course also holds the record for the fastest recorded time in a NASCAR stock car; Rusty Wallace achieving 216.309 mph in 2004.

Talladega Superspeedway
Talladega Superspeedway

7. Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Las Vegas Speedway is another modern stadium, having been opened in 1996. It holds some 142,000 spectators and has a 1.5 mile Oval Asphalt track for NASCAR. It also features multiple smaller tracks for other auto sports. The holder of the record for fastest lap is Kurt Busch who achieved 28.614 seconds in the 2010 Sprint series.

8. Dover International Speedway

The Dover International Speedway in Delaware is one of the smallest NASCAR tracks, with a length of 1 mile. It does however have an impressive seating capacity of 140,000. The 1969 ground holds a number of high key NASCAR events. The track at Dover is Concrete which makes the speed of races a fair bit slower than those on many modern Asphalt surfaces.

Dover International Speedway
Dover International Speedway

9. Michigan International Speedway

Michigan International Speedway is a 2 mile long track with a seating capacity of around 131,000. The popular venue was open in 1969 and is used almost exclusively for NASCAR events, earning a reputation as one of the sports premier venues. The Michigan Speedway is one of the fastest tracks in the sport, with corner speeds reaching 215 mph.

10. Atlanta Motor Speedway

The Atlanta is now one of the older grounds on the circuit, having been opened in 1958, yet it has an impressive capacity of 125,000. The 1.54 mile long track was redesigned in 1997 to match two other NASCAR Speedway tracks, and the result is one of the fastest and most exciting circuits in the sport.

Atlanta Motor Speedway
Atlanta Motor Speedway
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