Washing Machines Made In The USA

by ryank

Looking for an American made washer? Your options are limited but they certainly do exist! Here are the best American made washing machines on the market.

There was a time when almost all washing machines in US households were made in America; unfortunately that is no longer the case, with numerous big brands deserting the US in order to take advantage of cheaper labor in Asia. The great news for patriotic consumers is that there are still a handful of brands producing washing machines, and washer dryers, in the USA. Not only are they producing those washing machines right here in America, but they are producing quality washing machines. It could even be argued that they are not superior in quality and reliability than their Chinese made counterparts. If like me you believe that loyal manufacturers should be rewarded with more customers, then you will seriously consider supporting these brands with your custom next time you are in the market for a washing machine. On this page I introduce you to three awesome brands who produce their products in America, employing American people and keeping your money inside your country.

Speed Queen Washing Machines

One such business is Speed Queen, a company founded in 1908 and still based in Wisconsin to this day. They are the largest manufacturers of commercial washing machines to hotels, apartment buildings and laundromats in the world. Luckily for you, they also produce a range of top quality residential size top loading washing machines, and they are right up there with the best quality washing machines in the world. The Speed Queen AWN412S has a perfect five star average Amazon customer rating, not a single dissatisfied customer! Follow the links below to purchase.

Staber Washing Machines

Staber is another washing machine manufacturer based in the USA, they are headquartered in Ohio having been founded in 1976, and they still manufacturer their range of energy efficient washing machines and dryers in Ohio now. The only place to buy a Staber washing machine online is from their official store, but there are many offline sellers throughout the country.

Whirlpool (Selected Models)

And to finish off the selection, we have Whirlpool, a huge American owned business which still has numerous manufacturing facilities in Arkansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Ohio. When it comes to Whirlpool washing machines, they can be made in one of two places. They are either made in Germany, or they are made in the USA. It can be difficult to ascertain which models are made in the USA, and which are made in Germany, but after some hard research I've been able to confirm that the washing machines below are definitely made in the states. If American people show their patriotism by opting to purchase their American made machines, rather than their German made machines, then they are helping to safeguard the jobs which remain in America.

Updated: on 07/31/2012, ryank
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