What Kind of Cigars Did Winston Churchill Smoke?

by ryank

Ever wondered what kind of cigars Winston Churchill smoked? I have the answer!

Winston Churchill is probably the most famous cigar smoker in history, having seldom been pictured without on hanging out of his mouth. Most of the iconic Churchill images show him smoking a big fat Cuban cigar, he smoked them daily and could most certainly be considered a connoisseur. It is impossible to put a figure on just how many cigars Winston Churchill smoked in his lifetime, but it has been estimated at somewhere in the region of 30000!

Churchill's Favorite Cigar Brands

In 1895 Winston Churchill traveled to Cuba, a country which at the time was rebelling against the Spanish Empire, and it was whilst in Cuba that Churchill began smoking Cuban cigars. After arriving in Cuba with a companion and being stood up by the Spanish commandment who was supposed to meet him, they booked into one of the cities finest hotels where they spent the next few days living off little more than Oranges and Cuban cigars - both of which would have been completely new to the young 21 year old.

It is said that from that point on Churchill could smoke nothing other than a Cuban cigar, although it is unknown whether he had to resort to inferior cigars at any point in the 69 years that followed up to his death at the age of 90! It is likely that Churchill tried dozens or even hundreds of blends and brands, but we do know that two of his favorite brands were Romeo y Julieta and  La Aroma de Cuba. 

Romeo y Julieta Cigars

Romeo y Julieta cigars still exist today, but as the name of two premium cigar brands. If you want the authentic Churchill smoke you need to be buying the Romeo y Julieta cigars made by the Cuban state-owned tobacco company!

La Aroma de Cuba Cigars

La Aroma de Cuba were a little known brand when Churchill began smoking them and never became a leading brand globally, Winston never complained as long as he had a decent stock in his cigar humidor! The brand became defunct in the early 1990's but has recently been revived.

Romeo y Julieta
Romeo y Julieta
La Aroma de Cuba Cigars
La Aroma de Cuba Cigars

How Much Did Churchill Spend On Cigars?

Churchill had numerous suppliers of cigars, even during the WWII prohibition, and is believed to have smoked between 8-10 cigars per day. He didn't often smoke the entire cigar however, in fact he often let them burn out so that he could chew the end! One of his staff is however quoted as saying that it took some time to get over the fact that Churchill would spend as much in two days on smoking as he was paid in one week. Churchill had some 3000-4000 cigars of various sizes and strengths stored at his home at any one time.

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