Where To Buy Marmite In The USA / America

by ryank

You either love it or you hate it. If you love it then come right in and read on, if you hate it then stay away!

You either love Marmite or you hate Marmite. I love it, I eat it several times a week, I get through jars of the stuff and it remains one of the few luxuries on my grocery shopping list. I love it so much that for the past few years it has been more of an addiction, I never go more than a few days without Marmite on toast as a snack. At any time of the day too. The only problem with a Marmite addiction is that if you forget to take some on vacation you really begin to miss it.

A few years ago I spent a couple of months in America, where my then girlfriend and now wife was working on a student exchange program. I forgot to pack my Marmite, it was the one thing that was irreplaceable. After several weeks of cravings I eventually found some for sale online which was shipped to me within a few days and tasted exactly the same as the British Marmite, it was an import. That place online was, strangely, Amazon.com.

So if you are like I was, a Brit stuck in the United States with severe Marmite cravings then you will be delighted to know that buying Marmite in America is not only very easy but also pretty cheap! Particularly when considering that it has been imported from the UK! You may of course be an American who has spent time in Britain and developed a taste for the brown stuff, although this is less likely as most Americans that I know tend to ridicule our tendencies towards this strange food stuff.

>>>Click Here To Buy 125g Marmite Jar <<<

The link above and the image both lead to a smaller 125g jar of Marmite, and costs around $13. Depending on how much you intend to consume, you may find that the 500g jar is much better value at $25. Well, it is better value, much much better of course. A 125g jar of Marmite wouldn't last me long at all, I tend to stock up with 500g jars, and at less than double the price for four times more Marmite the wise decision will be to invest in the larger jar. That is by far the best value Marmite that I have seen which is available to purchase in America.

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Interesting Facts About Marmite

  • Marmite is actually a by-product of beer brewing!
  • Marmite was sold in earthenware pots until the 1920's
  • In World War I British troops were provided with Marmite in their rations!
  • Marmite is now a brand owned by Unilever
  • In 2009 it was banned from British prisons after it was found that inmates were using it to help brew an alcoholic drink named 'Marmite Mule'
  • £25m of Marmite is sold each year.
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BardofEly on 01/05/2013

I love Marmite and find it hard to get here in Tenerife.

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