Who Should Write for Wizzley?

by bolillie

Are you considering writing for Wizzley? Discover the characteristics that make you a good fit for Wizzley and Wizzley a good fit for you.

I happened upon Wizzley completely by accident and was immediately intrigued. Though the concept sounded like a good idea and I liked what I saw and read, I had to weigh it all out. Writing opportunities abound and a writer simply can't say yes to everything.

I examined Wizzley, read a lot of pages, and got to know the authors via their wizzographies. My sole purpose: to find out what it takes to be a great writer for Wizzley and if it was a good fit for my writing personality and interests.

Should I or Shouldn't I?

How I Decided to Write for Wizzley

Obviously, in my case, I deemed it a good fit. 

But what exactly does it take to become a writer for Wizzley? Let's examine 10 characteristics that make for a contented Wizzley writer.

Who is a Good Fit for Wizzley?

  • People who are bursting at the seams with ideas. Are you a continual well of ideas? Do your thoughts flit from one rabbit trail to another? Do you wish you had somewhere to empty your head of all those ideas? Wizzley is the perfect place to record your myriad of thoughts. 


  •  People who enjoy writing. This is, after all, a writing site. If you find great pleasure in the written word and want a place to publish what you've written, you're in the right spot. 


  •  People who know a lot. That covers just about everyone. Everybody is an expert on something and most of us are fluent in many subjects. Think about your skills, talents, interests, life experiences- all of these are potential subjects. 


  • People who prefer short writing projects. Not every writer wants to create a novel and not every writer has the patience to stick with one project for a long time. Wizzley is a great place for those who want to get it written and mark it off the "to do" list.


  • People who like to carry one project to completion before moving on. On Wizzley you take a project from start to finish without having to lose your train of concentration. It's easy, it's quick, and it's done before you know it (sort of). Wizzley is even good for distracted types because we can actually finish something!


  • People who enjoy learning new things. If you're the type that likes to research or take on a new challenge, this is a great arena to put those skills into practice. Wizzley itself has a bit of a learning curve and the subjects to explore are endless. 


  • People who enjoy sharing information. It seems that most of the writing on Wizzley is expository. That's not to say storytellers won't be here, but most of the writing is aimed at teaching or providing information. If that's your bent, this is your place. 


  • People who are familiar with online writing. Writing for the web isn't the same as writing for a print publication. The writing is shorter, more concise, uses simpler vocabulary, and must be visually appealing. Wizzley is a good place to practice these skills or learn them if you haven't written online before. 


  •  People who want to earn passive income. If you'd like to do a little work and earn income on it while you sleep, Wizzley can help. 


  • People who persevere. This isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. Wizzley is work and you have to know that going into it. You won't be overtaken by profit in the first few days, or weeks, or probably even months. It takes diligence and patience to succeed. 

Why do you write for Wizzley?

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bolillie on 08/16/2013

Glad you found it helpful!

MaggiePowell on 05/17/2013

I've just started writing pages for wizzley.... I love the quality of the writing, and how it pushes me to be better.

terrilorah on 03/19/2012

I got invited to this site and just love the simplicity of it. It's nice to have a place to express yourself without having to worry about a million widgets.

humagaia on 01/29/2012

Wizzley is a great site for writers. Easy to use, straight out of the packet. How come you have only written 5 pages here? Which of the characteristics do you feel you do not have?

TilenHrovatic on 08/19/2011

nice article!

ForestBear on 08/07/2011

Very good points here, thank you bolillie.

akumar46 on 07/24/2011

All the best qualities of a Wizzley writer are mentioned here.

petunia on 07/01/2011

A great list of reasons to write for Wizzley. I enjoy reading the quality of articles here.

JoyfulPamela on 06/24/2011

It is fun to write here at Wizzley! :)

poutine on 06/23/2011

Great reasons to write for Wizzley.

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