10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Cycling Enthusiasts

by xmasdecs

Ten fantastic gift ideas to help you buy the perfect gift for your cycling friend or relative this coming holiday season.

The biggest mistake that people make when buying a gift for a cyclist, and I should know as a cyclist myself, is attempting to buy something technical. It may seem like a brilliant idea to buy your cycling friend an expensive pair of Shimano pedals, but they know their bikes more than any other person can, and they know which parts suit their style and preferences.

You should avoid anything technical and instead buy them the things that they won't think to buy themselves, or things which they will no doubt get use out of. On this page I give you ten awesome gift ideas for cycling enthusiasts to suit a wide range of budgets.

A Cyling Calender!

Calenders are always a great thing to buy at Christmas, because six days after Christmas their old one becomes useless! It never matters whether they have already bought one or have recieved one from somebody else, as they can always have one calender in the kitchen for general household stuff, one in their office for work commitments, and one in their garage where they can plot their assault on the local cycling scene. There a number of fantastic 2013 cycling calenders on the market, I've selected a few of the best below, you can't go wrong with a high quality calender!

Cycling Travel Guides!

If your cycling friend likes to go on cycling holidays then buying them a travel guide or two could inspire them for a future trip. If your recipient is unlikely to go on cycling holidays but rather partakes in the local scene and uses vacation time for relaxation, then buying them a book which looks at local routes is a better idea. There are plenty of up to date route guides out there, for America and beyond, a few particularly popular guides are linked to below. Your local book shop will probably stock very local guides to cycling around your local town, do check on Amazon first though because you will be surprise just how many small-area specific books they stock!

Nutrition / Energy Products

Most cyclists will use energy or nutrition products either while out on the road or as part of their typical diet, and they usually have to spend a lot of money on them throughout the year. They would no doubt appreciate you saving them money by buying them enough to last the first month or two of the year! This is another low risk gift, because 9 times out of 10 the recipient will consume them. If they don't consume them for any reason, for example if they are accustomed to a particular brand, then no doubt they will take great pleasure in dishing them out to cycling friends at a meet or race. One brand which is designed especially for cyclists is Hammer Gel, which is available in numerous different flavors and in different sizes, check out the links below for more information or to purchase.

Framed Prints

For the cycling enthusiast who already has everything! Most cyclists that I know have a dedicated space to work on their bike(s), either a garage or a shed, or a spare room which has been turned into their little workshop. What better way to decorate that typically bland space than with a quality nostalgic print or piece of cycling related artwork? They could in theory hang it anywhere, but it's probably something that they wouldn't have thought about looking for and buying themselves, there are numerous iconic images which would make great prints, a few of my personal favorite classics are shown below.

Cycling DVDs

You can never have enough cycling DVDs if you love cycling, and there are so many on the market that buying them one which they already have is a low risk. You could for example buy an incredible collection of Tour de France highlights (28 hour boxset 1995 - 2008 shown below right). If your cyclist also trains on a cycling machine then consider buying them any one of the awesome virtual cycling DVDs on the market, they can watch those while they cycle on the machine to keep stimulated and avoid getting bored, many top cyclists use virtual DVDs for long training sessions on a exercise bike!

Cycling Magazine Subscription

This is my personal favorite gift idea, it's genius, because it's the gift that keeps on giving. Every time your lucky recipient receives his or her magazine they will think about you. The term "a gift which keeps on giving" has become very cliche, but it's true in this case. You can also renew each year, and that's Christmas sorted forever for one friend or relative! The three magazines shown below are the most popular cycling magazines on the market, all are available on subscription from Amazon at a heavy discount (prices shown are for a whole year). You don't need to worry about your recipient already being a subscriber either, because all they would have to do in that case is cancel their own subscription and choose to either save themselves money or subscribe to a second magazine. If you can find out which magazines they already receive then great, but if you can't it won't be a big issue!

iPhone Holder

Everybody seems to have an iPhone these days! If your friend or relative has an iPhone themselves then a great gift for their training is an iPhone holder. These can come in two forms suitable for cyclists, on is an iPhone holder which affixes to their arm (popular with joggers), and the other is an iPhone mount which affixes to their bike. Serious cyclists won't carry their iPhone in race situations as this adds weight and could affect their times, but for training it could be invaluable. I can think of three major benefits, one is the possibility of using GPS navigation while biking, another for listening to music while off-road (dangerous on-road though), and the third and final benefit being the risk associated with travelling alone. If you break your bike or even find yourself injured, you will wish that you had a cell phone with you. Some popular products presented below.

Cycling Gloves

A cyclist can never have too many cycling gloves, they can get worn pretty quickly, you can lose or damage one, and you can prefer different gloves in different heat conditions or depending on which bike you are using. Cyclists get through gloves as quickly as they get through socks, so you can never have too many. Even if your recipient simply keeps them as a spare pair for backup, they will be appreciated. Cycling gloves vary significantly in comfort and quality, and you generally get what you pay for - the more the gloves cost the better they are. Some great lightweight pairs selected for you below.

A Technical Cycling Book!

Reading gives you knowledge. Knowledge gives you power. An up to date cycling book by an expert can really help any competitive cyclist improve, whether they are competing against the clock or against others. A book is always a great low cost gift option, but a non-fiction book can often be referred to again and again, so while a book may be cheaper than most of the other options on this page - it doesn't necessarily mean it be less useful or used less.

Cycling Computer

I'll finish off my selection with an option which will appeal to those who are willing to spend a bit more money for something really special. Cycling computers aren't a new concept, they have been around for ages, but when you buy one from a brand such as Garmin they now store and process and incredible amount of valuable data for all types of cyclists. The Garmin Edge 200 for example, it is an altimeter, chronograph, speedometer, and timer all in one. Your data is stored on the device for easy transfer to a laptop, desktop, or tablet PC for storage and analysis. The more expensive Garmin Edge 500 is the ultimate in cycling computers, it tracks distance, speed, location and elevation, is compatible with a heart rate monitor and a speed/cadence sensor or compatible power meter for the ultimate in performance tracking an analysis. These devices will give any competitive cyclist of fitness fanatic that extra edge, buy the Edge 200 or Edge 500 below.

Updated: 08/07/2012, xmasdecs
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