10 Fun Things to Do When You're Bored

by EssentiallyArahs

Bored? Guilty of wanting to do something fun when the sinks full of dishes? Well, here's a few pointers to make your day. Doing the dishes might make that stern mother happy, too.

It's either a really hot day, and I'm sweating like a pig about to pass out, or it's really cold and I don't want to leave my haven of a bed. Something about extreme weather makes me sleepy and completely brain dead. Truth is, I'm more of a cool weather sort of girl, but that doesn't stop me from lazying about. On regular days I surf the internet, explore the fridge, and dive into my library...but perfect weather gives me a chance to go walking or swimming at the beach as well. Whether you're hot summer day lover or a rainy cloud dreamer, here's 10 things I love to do when I'm bored.


P.S. Look at both of the lists for a full range of ideas. Something on the 'sunny' side can be perfect in the shade indoors as well and vice-versa. Enjoy!

Ten Things To Do When You're Bored
Ten Things To Do When You're Bored

Attention All Vampires - Blood Sucking Fest Tonight!

Okay, so it's not really just a 'night' thing, but here's something to do when your indoors and staying that way.

1.Don't Just Take the Cake and Eat it. Make It Irresistible. Just because the Harry Potter series finally came to a conclusion doesn't mean you have to forget your magic-casting love. Take a look at a couple "witchy" recipes in the articles section, or get a kit if you want an 'official' kit for some reason, and cast a spell of you're own. Plus, the reward will be sweet. Provided you don't put too much salt in your deserts like I do.

2.The World is Ending! Maybe... Have something to say, but just feel like the world wouldn't care less or that there's no time to care? Stop right here! Blog about it or write a fiction (fanfiction or original) with a website whether it's wizzley.com, wordpress.com, or for crazy fun on fanfiction.net. From Naruto to a (gasp!) Hermione and Malfoy love story, someone's written it. Meet people who share the same interests as you. Even if it's getting jealous of National Geographic expeditions on the forums or learning that, yes, a cafe doesn't just serve coffee. In Japan, one is built to look like a boy's boarding school...with fake-students/pretty boys ready to serve coffee to the ladies on lunch break.

 3.Too Serious to Have Fun - Build a Cash Machine. Now I know you've probably heard how unreasonable it is to make money online, but here are a few resources for the bold and serious. Create a business, make a simple plan, and CHARGE! Learn the ups, downs, and possibilities. For free resources, start by reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki to change the way you think of the rich. Then make money from blogging, selling on ebay, or even writing your own e-book. There are tons of websites, 'beginner kits' that talk about the basics of building your own online business (like a $30 program full of tutorials), and experts. Look around, beware of scammers, and be an entrepreneur. Get Rich Click by Marc Ostrofsky is a good start for the serious.

4.Love to Read or Love to Draw? If you aren't inspired by your surroundings, prepare to be awed by some of the works all over the world. Head to these sites, get involved, and change the way you see the internet. Read books by candle light to appease angry parents? Read blogs, go to fanfiction.net or wattpad.com, or create your own reviews...these are just starter points. Artist? Go to DeviantArt.com or ShadowArt.com and be amazed by the supreme skills of some artists. Don't worry, all levels are welcome and encouraged. 


For the "Sun Bather" Type - Jump, Dance, Sing? Here's What You Could Party With!

For the outdoor, sun-loving people...or just the active peeps out there. Night crawler or not :)
  1. Take a Calming Walk. Enjoy the scenery and learn to find some hidden treasures while you're at it. Small pebbles, fossilized leaves, and beautiful flowers waiting to be pressed make up a treasure trove. Use as decorations, make crafts, or get a little romantic and wrap a bouquet. There are endless ideas waiting to be found on a walk.
  2. Got the Groove? Be Active and Sing like Disney! Start up some karaoke, turn up the radio. Here's some fun ideas from around the world to get you're jams on! From drunk office workers to family parties, music can get anyone pumped. Go to a karaoke bar and do what most office workers in Japan do - drink, sing, and have a blast with the team. Or grab a CD and party at home. Heck, make it a disco and shake those booties. Alone? No problem. Look out the window, stare at your neighbor, and start singing Disney. Nothing beats Disney, after all.
  3. Okay, Okay, You''re Stressed, Go Do Something Random - and Immortalize it. Shop as you travel, wash your car, eat at that Italian restaurant you hardly go to...do whatever you want as long as you take a picture. Then post it, save it, or pin it for the world to see. Social media makes it easier than ever to tell your friends...all over. Facebook, MySpace, Pintrest...you know. Maybe you'll win a contest.
  4. Ever Window Shop and Try to Look Good Doing it? This Time Uglify That Trip. That's right. When you're done watching those movies and want to act out, go to that luxury store and try on the ugliest mix you can find. Fake boa with cowboy boots and a fur vest? Say hello to Mama's Crazy Adventure. Everyone's trying to look good and sometimes that's fun. Yet, it's the pink blazer, wacky afro guys that truly stand out. Be a star, act out, and if you want to hide your identity, there are always make-up and sunglasses.
  5. Now, This IS a Pleasant Surprise - Edward Gave Me Something To Quote... You Know Who. This is for my cousin, Kat, who never runs out of things to say to make me laugh. Here we go: when you want to have a random kick, grab a magazine, grab-e a friend-e...and bedazzle that sucker. See Christian Bale? Bedazzle that charmer with glitter and some sunlight. Want some new toothpaste from the ad? Grab your mother, point to your teeth and say "Bedazzle me, please!" You get the picture - look to find a few more funny examples to trip your friends up...but mostly yourself ;)
  6. FINALLY, the Bottom! What To Do When You Did Everything You Know. When you've tried every random, funny thing you could possibly find, do what I do. Play some Youtube songs and take a few "classes". Hit the museum, watch a speed drawing video on YT, or explore eHow.com. All in all, if you want to do more, learn more. Enhance those skills. It's more fun when it's actually something you like whether it be how to make awesome nail art or how to build your own slingshot.

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Gluten Free Recipes
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Harry Potter Party Menu: Deserts
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EssentiallyArahs on 08/19/2012

Aw shucks, thank you. I get bored doing things over and over again, but I'm just full of pent up energy to travel. Funny, I'm on an island paradise and yet I yearn to go on crazy road trips than to surf lol. I can see how doing things in a routine is relaxing, though. Drinking tea in the evenings is a nice habit to have. Thanks you for commenting :)

dustytoes on 08/19/2012

This is a really fun page to read. You have fun and funny ways to keep amused with life! I am seldom, if ever, bored. I do get bored doing certain boring things over and over, but I think that boredom becomes relaxation as we age.

EssentiallyArahs on 08/16/2012

Thank you :) I'm trying to improve on my writing, so that means a lot.

BrendaReeves on 08/16/2012

Welcome to Wizzley. I love your lively style of writing.

EssentiallyArahs on 08/14/2012

Aw, thank you :) Wizzley has been nothing but welcoming so far and I just feel like smiling for no particular reason. It's great to know so many active members here. I love it. Thank you for your post!

Mira on 08/14/2012

Hi EssentiallyArahs, fun, buoyant post :). I like that. And yes, there are great things on YouTube -- hopefully as you discover more of Wizzley, you'll see people have contributed quite a good number of interesting posts here as well. :)) Hopefully this community will grow steadily while staying just as nice :-)

EssentiallyArahs on 08/12/2012

Gardening is great, especially when the little buds start to grow and surprise you when they're big. Taking photos is a wonderful way to pass the time :) I can relate, when I had nowhere to go I would read until I couldn't turn any more pages. As a kid, I found drawing and making up stories with my favorite characters helped the days pass by. It's wonderful that you can find so much in doing things you love. I'm grateful you read my post :)

EssentiallyArahs on 08/12/2012

I know right? What would we do without Youtube? I'm glad you enjoy my article :)

katiem2 on 08/11/2012

All good and very fun ideas, I like the last one too, youtube videos are always fun. ")K

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